Baby Walkers? and from what age?

Hi Girlies

Im just looking for a bit of advice I have a very active 4 n half month old boy who seems happier sitting up on my knee or standing on my legs (assisted obviously image and I was just wondering does anyone have any advice on what walker would be a good buy? and what age did you have your LOs in Baby Walkers




  • Although there are many benefits to using baby walkers there is a lot of advice against their use.

    "The Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (CSP) called for a ban on baby walkers at their annual conference 2000. Physiotherapists blame baby walkers for 4000 injuries per year and also claim that baby walkers disrupt the ability of children to develop walking and visual skills and stop them from properly exploring their surroundings."

    At the end of the day it is totally your choice what toys you use for your LO but I just wanted you to know both sides of it. I am sure that you will be very careful and not put your LO in it for too long but there are other options. The CSP recommends the use of a playpen or a stationary playcentre instead. My LO is only 3 months but she loves spending 5 mins in a stationary playcentre (she will build up time as she gets older):

    - there are cheaper ones out there.

    I hope I don't sound too patronising or judgemental but I just wanted you to know all the info,

    H xx
  • Tyler has gone in a baby walker since he was 4 months - he is now 9 months and has learnt to climb out of it. I think as long as you dont put your baby in it all day every day its fine. He has just learnt how to pull himself up on furniture (to his knees) and will probably be up to his feet soon. So it hasnt affected his development but just watch out for accidents. As , like I said, he has learnt to climb out of it and went face first onto the floor. xx xx
  • My HV also told me that baby walkers are bad as well, and said they'd actually been banned in Canada, cos they hinder the baby walkin cos they ca't see their feet and it can also make them walk on the sides of their feet. Mayb its a bit over dramtic but it worried me a bit

    I was gonna borrow my sisters walker for my lo, but jst never got round to it and now i'm quite glad i didn't.

    Have u thought of a door bouncer instead? my HV recommended them to me

  • millie loves hers sooo much she goes in her ufo everyday since she could touch the floor prob about 4 months ish. she now wants to stand constantly at 6.5months and now also uses a baby walker that she pushes and can take steps with it i think aslong as they arent in it for long periods of time it should be ok i think they say 20mins at a time x x
  • its because people were taking the baby walkers upstairs and lettin the lo play in it without stair gates up??!! i mean thats just common sense!! u dont take a baby walker upstairs!! x x
  • I never had one for my son but only because they are almost all for 6month + and justin was cruising the furniture at 6.5 months.

    I got one for maya just before she was one as she was to lazy to crawl but 2 weeks after we got it she started crawling so she only ever used it to eat in

    and with charlie we will just have to weight and see
  • i use the learn and groove activity station for jack. when we go to mums and tots i let him have a go in the walkers.

    he was 5 months when got the activity and is 8 months now and loves it.

  • Grace has got a jumperoo and a walker and she's fine in both. Ethan had similar but instead of jumperoo (not out when he was young) he had a hop and pop thing which was very similar and there is nothing at all wrong with his development. I agree that you shouldn't put them in too early or too long but while your busy they are a god send!

    Lisa xxx
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