HELP sensor mat, due to stopping breathing!

Hi folks,

spent last night in hospital with my 4 month old son following a horrific stopping breathing incident!
They think he has a viral infection after getting blood tests back so it was probably a febrile convulsion.

I have never felt so terrified or helpless! Basically want to know what experience people have with either the angelcare or tommee tippee movemnent monitor both are instock at my local mothercare. I'm not usually paranoid especially with him being my second!

Thanks x


  • ive got the tommy one and it puts my mind at ease so much,i used it with my son,they were a few false alarms when he moved off the mat but i would rather have a false alarm than a real one,with my second pregnancy i found out i was having twins so went out and bought another one,they are brilliant,got both the same and they dont interfer with each other

  • Can i give you a massive hugs first. my lo my third did the same a few weeks ago, and its terrifying.

    Ive got a tommee moniter and it has been fab not oversensitive and havent had any problems with interference.

    We are ttc no4 and im def gonna have one for nxt baby

  • i have the tommee one too. the cheaper one ??60ish not the ??100 one.
    i love it. we only ever had 2 false alarms and now that cam wriggles off i dont put the alarm on but can still see his movements when the light comes on.

    so sorry you've had a scare. you must of been so frightened. big hugs xx

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  • We have the Angelcare one, it's been great! No interference, she comes through really clearly on our parent bit.... There are various menu options as well so we can still keep an eye once she starts to wriggle off the mat.

    It's definitely worth it for peace of mind. Sorry you had such a scare image
  • Thank you all for your comments. On your advice we now have the tommee tippee alarm installed and tested!

    He's taken ages to settle this evening but now he's asleep I feel even more paranoid. I guess for the nextfew nights I will be but the sensor alarm is reassuring.

    By the way to any other paranoid mummy's like me it is reduced to ??45 in argos. Not that price was an issue just a bonus.

    Thanks again xxxx:\)
  • I wish you a good first night, it happen as i said a few weeks ago now and im just begining to relax.

    take care

  • Thanks DB , good luck with the TTC! If your lo doesn't have you too tired for b'ding!

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