Does anyone know anything about setting up a toddler group?

Hi All

Not really sure were to post this but I am seriously thinking about setting up a toddler group! I went to a lovely bumps to babies group when Reuben was first born but we have out grown it now and i'm very said as I loved it. I now work 2 days a week and do my Usborne books but I can't find a toddler group on the days I want one and think there's a need for one in our area but I have no idea were to start, i'm not imaging to make money from this I just want to do for the social reasons and for my son really but I didn't know if there was a way of getting funding with the start up costs?


  • The funding for under 5's groups got cut last year and now groups currently in existence are facing significant cuts and closures. Even sure start is under threat.

    To do it officially you need some people with crb checks and a place deemed safe for young children.

    Its a noble idea and one worth researching anyway, I'd try talking to the other groups in your area and seeing if you can use their space on your alternate day.

    good luck!
  • as already said the funding has been cut- im training as a child minder and when i enrolled there was funding and now its not!
    i would suggest phoning your local council and speaking to them, they would be the people who would know exactly what you need but you will definatly need crb checks on everyone working there and public liability insurance x
  • If its any help i used to go to a group that was a toddler group but wasnt. It started with some girls from my mums church having the same thought as you and arranging a morning in the church hall. It has grown so much and its called a coffee morning. We donate money when we want in a tin that covers tea/coffee, we do have a lot of toys etc mostly donated from mums and we do crafts etc. Its not registered in any way as the mums all stay with their kids. the church will have insurance for church events and we all just muck in.

    ive been thinking about doing this in a local church that i know has nothing for the young mums.

    It might not be what you were thinking but i just wanted to point out there are ways of having get togethers without going through hoops

    Gemm x
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