mamas and papas luna pushchair, anyone got one????

i love the look of the mamas and papas, but i have read a few bad reviews on it so i've come on here to get an honest answer.


  • Hi charlm,

    I bought one of these about a week ago for my 15 week old baby girl.

    I think they look FAB and was after one for ages.
    They fold up pretty small so can fit into a car boot really easy.

    How old is your lo??

    I think they are better for slightly older children as I think it would look uncomfortable for really tiny ones.

    Ruby seems to love it and i'm very happy with it.
    Only thing though... I have been putting the changing bag in the shopping basket (which is great!) as the Luna is so light and feels like it may tip up if I had it on the handle bars and not concentrating. That scared me a bit at first but aslong as you don't do that you'll be fine.

    Also its got an adjustable handle bar which is a big plus for me as i'm 5'8" and hubby is 6'5" and hubby especially felt like other handles were too low.

    They do some fab colours too with lots of accesories!

    Go for it!

    Amy xx
  • thanks for that, i'm 5'8 and i hate having to lean over to push a pushchair. my lo is 5 and half months and weighs in at 19lbs, so i think he has enough weight for it. i only want one of these as a second pushchair to keep in the car, i have a 3-in-1 pram as my main one and would never swap that for a stroller for everyday use.

    i think i will get one, i love the cress colour, a nice bright green, i've only seen pink, cress and truffle, and i'm not too keen on dark pushchairs and since my lo is a boy, i dont want pink. i saw a few on e-bay that were blue but cant seem to find them new in a shop anywhere.

  • The cress one is lovely! We went for the pink!
    It will be perfect for what you want.
    We also have a silvercross 3d which is just too bulky etc. Well that was the excuse I gave my hubby when I saw the luna!
    I also looked at the Quinny Zapp as it folded up small but as it didn't recline I was a bit put off xx
  • I bought one last year when they first came out for my daughter- it had to be a pink one! (I'm dead lucky cos I live near the factory shop so got it cheap too!) I did really like it but it didn't seem to sit up straight enough so Lily was always leaning back a bit in it. Also cos mine was the old one you couldn't lift the footrest up which was a bit silly for a little baby. But I think the new ones do lift up. It's a good pushchair, it's really sturdy and has plenty of room in the seat- plus it looks cool! And the accessories are nice too.

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