who's dreading going back to work????

Iam! Im not returning till july when Charlie will be almost 9months but am having to think about childcare etc.... The thought of leaving him makes me feel sick, I love my job but hate the fact i will have to return back full time, have been told i can't reduce my hours as im on a full time contract!! hoping to condense my hours into 4 days tho!!! Anyone else dreading it??? xx


  • I had to start back at work beg. of Feb.... I hate leaving Jonathan but unfortunately we cant afford to pay mortgage and all the bills etc unless I go back to work. QB you are very lucky xx
  • I hate to think about missing any of Frankies milestones but I have no choice. There is no way we could survive without my wage. I have to go back full time too. Im going back at the end of May when Frankie will be 7 months, I will have had 8 months off work. I have to think of Frankies future. With my wage we can afford to live in a nice house, drive a nice car, take her on holiday and provide her with everything she could possibly need. Plus I think it will make me appreciate the time I have with her even more.

    I have just found a wonderful childminder though so that has put my mind at ease a bit.
  • I am back at work have been since lo was 4.5 months old. We're savin 4 a house so i have to work. But i jst hate leavin lo,feel SO guilty. it does make me much more appreciative of the time that i do have with her tho, and she's really easy goin with pretty much every one so i spose thats a good thing.
  • I am not going back as I couldnt bare someone else looking after her all day.

    It makes more sense for me to be a stay at home mum anyway as childcare would cost about 1000 euro a month and my wage is 1500 a month just not worth it!! I am not lucky enough to live near my family and hubby is in the army so no chance he could look after her!! Ever lol xx
  • I'm going back the middle of may and I really wish I didn't have to. We're just starting to build our own house so we need every single penny we can get otherwise i'll be stuck in my first floor flat above a spar for god knows how long!xx
  • I'm looking for a part time job to start in the next month (lo is now nearly 10 months) as my old company wanted me to go back full time and as it's a long commute there's no way I could do that. I think working 2 days a week will be a nice balance for now. My problem is we hope to start ttc baby no. 2 in the Summer and I don't know how a new employer will react if we are successful.
  • I'm going back in June after Isobels first birthday and am not looking forward to it at all. It makes me really sad to think that I'm not going to be with her. Unfortunately Im having to go back full time and really wish I could be a full time Mum xx
  • work phoned me this morning asking what date im going back and its April 6th. not looking forward to it at all and its only 12 hours a week.

    still dont know who is gonna look after Grace!

  • I am dreading it - I start back on Monday - My LO is 6 1/2 months and will be looked after by my sister in law - so i'm not worried about him - bet he won't even notice i'm not there. i'm more worried about how i will be - i will really miss him image

    My work said i either had to go back FT or work Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 9am - 3pm and saturday 9am - 1pm so thats what i am doing !

    Leah x
  • im hating the thought of it also. i go back very end of march and only work til half one mon -fri. im getting my aunt and mil to look after jack, i work in a school so have holidays and weekends off so shouldn't really complain too much. also when i go back only have to do 4 days then off 2 weeks for easter, but hate the thought of not being with jack all day.
    jack will be 81/2months then.

  • i'd love to be a full time mummy but sadly that won't the rent & bills! Thanks Lara n chloe - will check out the acas website.xx
  • I've been looking around the local nurseries and just looking round them made me feel a bit emotional! I am going to apply for Part time (3 days) and know it will be good for Darcy to be around other children and develop her social skills.She will be fine it will be me that is a wreck! Found a really good nursery yesterday and put her on the waiting list and if she gets a place there it will put me more at ease as it was lovely. I've decided to postpone my return to work til September so at least she will just be turning 1. What is making me feel even worse is that the first day back at work will be her 1st birthday. I'm a teacher so have no choice in changing the date!
  • Hi,
    I'm dreading it-I go back the 1st week of May-had reduced my hours to 27 a week, but since Lillith's diagnosis I am really re thinking what I need to do. I do need to work-for me as well as the money-but also feel I want to be the one at home. Think I will try and do 17-18 hours over 2 days. I also have so many appointments and groups that help her there is only really 2 days free-and that's with moving 1 thing and dropping another!xxx
  • i had 10 months off and just went back one day a week on a saturday. my oh looks after her but it is still v upseting for me and daisy. me more she cries for about ten mins. financially its hard only working 9 hrs but tbh im 35 and never had any time off work and i love being at home. . cus i pay v little tax and ni if i do few extra hours a month i pick uo half what i used too!!! how unreal is that so there is no way in this world im working full time to pay most of it in tax which helps pay other people to stay at home!!!

    i agree with lara babe i had to appeal my employers desicion when they refused me part time work have you been given a form to appeal?
  • I have to go back, no choice not to really. My salary is the bigger between me and hubby so we'd be better off if he gave up work not me.
    I've got 2 months left and hoping to go back reduced hours. He'll only go to a childminder for a couple of mornings and then mum and I will look after him the rest of wk. Well that's the plan, but work just denied my request for reduced hours so we'll see how it goes !
    So jealous of you ladies not going back to work. S x
  • It is hard being back at work. I have Wednesday off (am a teacher) and the school hols obviously. I have a management postion in school and am still expected to work the same hours as I did before dropping my day a week. Before having Lily I would get to school at 7.30am and leave at 5.45pm when the caretaker kicked me out (lol) and still come home and do work. I am sooo tired all the time but hubby's job is not well paid and they are facing redundancy at the min so I don't feel I have any option but to plod along. Would love to just work mornings or do 3 days a week.
  • im back in 8 weeks and iv been torturin myself since before xmas. if we could afford i wouldnt be workin at all but cant afford not to work and that was before oh was laid off in nov!!! im goin back 30 hours a week and the nursery is a stones throw from where i work so could always take my break and go visit him.im so sad at the thought of leavin him. cry.xxx
  • I have to go back, no choice not to really. My salary is the bigger between me and hubby so we'd be better off if he gave up work not me.
    S x

    Same for me, and I am absolutely dreading returning, especially as my job involves travel abroad at times and long hours.

    I must admit, it does make me angry when I tell people I am going back and they ask "how can I bear to leave my baby?"
    I can't!!! I just bloody have to in order pay our mortgage! :evil:
    I have friends who "could NEVER leave their baby"...well I just hope that their circumstances don't change where they find they have to go and earn some money.

    Still, my MIL is having lo so at least I don't have to find a child minder, and it does mean we can have a relatively decent standard of living.

  • just a note being on a full time contract is defo not a reason they can turn u down for flexible working i have just had my flexible working request approved with no problems you can get the application form from the berr website its easy to do xxx
  • I've not worked since having my son! When i had him me and oh couldn't bare anyone else bringing him up and knowing it wasn't to our standards and was always comfortable with money so i stopped at home and still do now with my daughter. I really do feel for all you mothers that go out to work but i just couldn't handle someone else bringing up my child. Once both are full time at school then i'll get another job but until then i want to be there 24/7.

    Lisa xxx
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