Too much water?

Gabe loves his cups (he has had the nuby one - it broke though - and the Tommee tippee free flow) and is really good at drinking water from them. Thing is, he drinks LOADS - I'd say about 2 TT cups a day and thats about 12oz!! With 3 5-7oz bottles as well, that is a lot of fluid. His nappies always leak overnight!!!! Is this normal? I'm glad he likes water and drinks from a cup but he dont half put it away! I drink lots of water so maybe he's just like me?


  • It's nothing to worry about i'm sure! It's good that he drinks loads! Kyra only manages 1/2 a tt cup a day, she also has 10-15oz milk and breast milk during the day. All babies are different and if he wants it, let him have it! Have you tried asda's little angels nappies? They are fab for absorbancy xox
  • I think it's ok, as long as he's also drinking his milk and eating his solids. I wish Charlotte would drink her water/juice like that!!
  • I've never tried the asdas ones! We don't have an asda close by so I never go there, grrrr lol.
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