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At our antenatal classes we were told the latest research suggests babies should be in the same room as their parents until they are a year old! Surely thats completely impractical and difficult advice to follow?

I know before that the advice was 6 months but we don't have room in our bedroom for the cot so baby will have to move into the nursery as soon as they outgrow the moses basket.

I just wondered what ages everyone moved or is planning to move their baby into their own room?

Miss I
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  • we are in the same position as you - we have access to a crib should we want to but may just put little one straight into cotbed once outgrows moses basket - wont be long as he is long in the body - hes only 3 weeks tonmrrow!!
  • heya
    i spoke to my health visitor about this and she said having baby in your room does nothing to reduce the chane of cot death and has no real benefit except not having so far to walk if baby cries for you. our dd has been in her own room from 11 weeks. she still had enough room in her moses basket but she got to the age where she slept better if there was silence so we were disturbing her. she sleeps for 9-10 hours in her own room. we have an angelcare movement monitor so we know she is ok.
  • We bought a travel cot and out went my bedside table!!! Lo was in the travel cot in our room until 4 months when we actually started disturbing him so he was then better off in his own room.
  • I don't want our baby in the room for more that 2 or 3 weeks because I think we will both sleep better if undisturbed (from what I have read). In order to get some peace of mind re cot death, we are going to buy an angelcare movement monitor. My poor husband will still have to go to work so would rather he not have every night being disturbed by feeds.
  • with my ds who is two we moved him into his own room when he was seven months old, we have now had our dd who is 5 months, we would be keeping her in our room till she is at least one depends on if she still wakes up for a feed cos her and her brother will have to share x
  • my ds stayed in our room till he was about 4 months and he had outgrown the moses basket and cot bed dint fit in our room!! this time round dd is still in our room and shes 14 weeks, she will hopefully be going in her room at the weekend if i can finish her room in time!! she just about fits in the moses basket and is a very light sleeper and were always disterbing her wen we go to bed!

  • My lo was in our room for 4 and a half weeks. He is now 12 and a half weeks.

    As soon as we moved him out he went from being up twice a night to once a night and he started sleeping through at 11 weeks exactly.

    This was definately the right thing for us to do.
  • I am glad to hear we won't be the only one moving baby when he/she doesn't fit in the moses basket anymore. I am not expecting them to grow out of it too quick, they are on or slightly above the 50th centile for everything except femur length which is slightly lower at all of our scans, I would be amazed if they had long legs!
  • ds went into his own room at 4.5months, before this he had been in his moses in with us, we moved him down to the fact that no one was getting anysleep (well i think OHwas :roll: ) we wld go to bed, which wld wake him up, settle him , get to sleep, oh wld then start snoring (loudly!) which wld then wake both ds and i, get back off to sleep then everytime ds moved or murmered in his sleep i wld be bolt upright awake. it was easier having him in our room, particulalry for that early morning breastfeed as it meant id din't have even get out of bed (his moses was right next to my side). hth xx
  • we intend to move jacob into his own room when he outgrows his basket, we might start putting him in his cotbed for afternoon naps in a few weeks though so he gets use to it, doubt it will be more that 3/4 months x

    becca and jacob x

  • Hi all
    Lily was in her moses basket until about 10-12weeks then we borrowed a crib from our friends that she went in for a while but didnt sleep to went our bedside tables and in came the cot, she is now 19weeks. I asked my HV if we should/could move her into her own room and she said cot death is more about going into a 'deep sleep' and when baby is in your room you all disturb ecah other and stop baby going into that deep sleep, if they are in own room with no disturbances what so ever then theres more risk. Which totally freaked me out so she is staying in woth us until at least 6 months xxx

    newlook x
  • MJ was in with us until about 6 1/2months - SO so much easier for bf!!! not having to get up get cold walk to another room etc.. just had to reach over pick her up and feed, BLISS!!!!

    She moved into the only other room we have which she has to share with Ollie and tbh I'd rather have still had her in with me, as thats when the problems started!
    She now wakes up much more than she ever did in our room, and I hate the fact that i get cold having to get up to sort her out (Me? Lazy? image :lol: )

    I had also been told about the deep sleep thing - and that if there is some sort of noise going on its better as it gives the baby something to concentrate, so to speak, on and not go into so deep a sleep that they dont wake up.... something like a ticking clock was suggested to me...

  • I would loved to have kept Luke in with me but he was wriggling around to much in his mosses basket eventhough he could have had a few more weeks in it, I moved him into his cot 10 days ago when he was 17 weeks old, he has much more space to wriggle all over the place when he's awake, little monkey! Good luck and best wishes.

  • Lo was in room with us until 7.5months.

    I've heard of the deep sleep thing too and would agree that he didn't sleep as well when in with us , neither did we, but if that's what helps protect him against cot death then it's fine by me. And as Stephe says it was so much easier for bf and night feeds.

    My lo grew out of his moses basket by 9wks but we had crib too which is much smaller than a cot which fitted in our room. We did still manage to fit a cot in though.

    Our bedroom was really small (we've moved now) and to be honest we managed with a cot from Ikea which was smaller than most cot beds. S x
  • Hey you, I can't believe you're so close now!!!

    We never intended to have baby in our room for the whole 6 months, but we did intend him to be in there in his cot at night times, moses basket for nap times. Because he was early we hadn't put the cot together when he was born (it'd only been delivered the saturday before) we never bothered putting it together in our room. We would've had to take it apart to move it anyway, and we just couldn't be bothered, so we built it in his room when he was about 10 days old. Probably due to his birth being what it was, I didn't want him away from me for a second or I couldn't sleep, so from birth he slept in his moses basket right by my side of the bed. It worked out well, because I couldn't keep getting up for him, so having him right next to me helped immensely. Once he was about 5 weeks old he started going into his room every night. We just put the moses basket into his cot, mainly for ease, because he could be wobbled in it more easily and that comforted him!!! Personally, there's no way we could have kept Jak in with us any longer. We kept waking him up by going and getting into bed, and then he'd not want to sleep unless he was cuddled or with us in bed, and I just had to break the cycle. Now he's in his room he gets complete darkness (with no loud daddy waking him up by putting lights on/off) and it's peaceful for him. He hasn't outgrown his basket, he sleeps in that for nap times in the day. He's in there right now talking to one of his baby books when he really should be sleeping!
    I was told that the theory behind having them in with you is that they can hear a constant noise (ie. your breathing) so it helps them regulate theirs. Apparently a clock or something similar can do the job, so Jak's got a lovely ticking clock in his room.
    I had to stop following every bit of advice/guidelines because, apart from the fact that everything's so contradictory, I was going insane trying to get Jak to get enough sleep. day or night. Let's face it, they need it, they're so teeny!

    Em x x x
  • Charlotte stayed in a moses basket in our room till she was about 5 months old. She just wouldnt fit in her basket anymore and we cant fit the cotbed in our room. Plus with hubby doing funny shifts we were always waking her up.

    To be honest I never worried about the cotdeath thing, we have a connecting door from our roomt o hers so I can always hear her and since being in her room i'm more relaxed myself and sleep better too.

    We started putting her in the cotbed for naps from 3 months old to get her used to it first.
  • Thank you so much for all your advice. I didn't know that about cot death, I think I will be investing in a very cheap clock so it ticks loudly lol! My plan has always been to have baby next to us in moses basket at night time, to make feeding easier if nothing else, and then have baby in the cot during daytime sleeps, either straight into the cot or in the moses basket in the cot depending on how well they settle with both. We literally cannot fit the cot in our room even if we took furniture out, the problem is we have an en suite so the only space it would physically fit in would block both the bedroom door and the en suite door. We are planning to move in September when Stewie will be about 7 months so if we can manage to keep him/her in the moses basket until then it would be ideal but I am not sure it's really practical even if baby is still small enough, I wouldn't be happy about them being in the moses basket on the stand when they are more wriggly or even rolling over!

    EmilyB it is starting to feel close now with extra BH and period pains and stuff, I am hoping it will mean D-Day is not far off but it may just be wishful thinking. Time is going so slowly now! I don't want to wish the time by because I have really enjoyed being pregnant (well most of it!) but I am getting fed up and sore now, I am so ready for him/her to be here!!!

    Miss I
  • I really hope the birth goes well for you, honey. I guess it really could be any day now! Enjoy this bit, at 38+1 I was majorly stressed and back and forth from hospital, so I didn't get to enjoy those last bits of being pregnant, wistfully dreaming of holding my baby, I was too manic!!! Get your feet up while you can, and I hope everything goes well! x x x
  • Gabe was in with us until 16.5 months. Can't say it caused any sleep issues as he has always slept through, having said that when/if we have our next I think I'd like them in own room at 6 months. I think personally I'd be nervous about moving them before 6 months but that's only because I dont know any different. We had room for a cot in our room but in the house we are moving into now is a 3 bed but rooms are smaller so if we had another the baby would have to go in nursery once it had outgrown the basket. Gabe was very tall and big, he was out of the basket by 6 weeks but we kept him in it for trips away until he was about 11 weeks but after that he was way too big!!!! Think few babies stay in them till 6 months to be honest.
  • we moved dd into her own room at about 12 weeks, i had very bad cough at time and was keeping her awake all night, husb works so wasnt ideal if i went into spare room at the time so we decided to put dd into her room which had only just been finished, she sleeps so well in there and we keep the monitor on, i now sleep better as i dnt lay there staring at her or jump at her every winge.

    oh and we can be a bit more livelier in the sex department haha not worrying about waking her, (although of cause if i thought there wld be prob then wldnt have put her in her own rm.

    sarah xx
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