my baby is'nt well

my poor little boy is ill,this is the first time in nearly 14 months and its not releated to his teeth,so i cant really grumble,hes been sick but it is easing now but what is the best for him to drink,his milk or water, have to say ive been giving him diluted orange as he wont drink water,my mom said giving him milk might upset or curdle in his belly,apart from toast and plain biscuits is there anythin else what wont upset his tummy,he was refusing the toast this morning,bless him,think hes sick of it :lol:



  • oh poor thing - sorry to hear he's poorly. what about dry cereal without milk on? some of its sweet so he will like the taste but its unlikely to upset his tummy. or what about putting honey on his toast - it sounds strange but my hubby always gives that to my 2 year old when he's poorly and it tastes nice without being too artificially sweet.
    Don't worry too much if he doesn't fancy eating too much - so long as he has plenty of fluids i'm sure he'll be back to chomping downhis food once he feels abit better.
    we don't really worry too much about getting his 3 square meals down him when he's poorly just anything that will fill him up a bit and not aggravate his tummy. trying to think of something more savoury but my minds gone blank!
  • thanks julesy,never thought about the dry cereal

  • my monsters crying so i havent had a chance to properly read this link, but just wanted to mention if hes not taking milk dont forget to give him the vitamin supplements, sorry if someone already mentioned it. really hope he's feeling better soon poor thing.
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