chicken pox? So early?!

My boy has a fever that lasted two days and ended yesterday hes now come out in a rash and have been told its probably chicken pox?!?!?! Hes only 7 1/2 months poor mite ad i dont actually think we have been in contact with anyone with chicken pox??

One confused mum!!! :\?


  • chicken pox is going about at the moment well it is here anyway!! i want brooke to have it now she is 11 months the earlier they get it the better so ur lucky he has got it now!!it dosnt upset them so much when they are younger.. xxx
  • thanks hun, i just read up on it and it said when they young the severity is no way as bad as older kids and adults. It isnt bothering him and its not itchy just not very sightly!! xx
  • thats the tihng. when they are babies they cant scratch it reallt either.. i really want brooke to get it.. horrible mummy that i am!! lol.. but when they are babie u can just dose them up on calpol for the fever and the spots dont irritate them as much! hope he is feeling better soon xx
  • Bring her round here if you want lol she will get it in no time image x
  • lol i would love to!! lol u probably live a zillion miles away from me tho!! xx
  • aww poor little jayden my dasughter had chicken pox as a baby she was fine we thought fin had it a few days ago as he had been porrly then started coming out in spots but they were just a viral rash x
  • Well I think ill go docs Monday to get it confirmed cause im still not 100% it is chicken pox! Does a viral rash look different to chicken pox? i know you can get different severitys of confusing!!!
  • Isaac was 7 1/2 monts when he got it, he caught it from his sister and he was covered in spots which didnt please me because he came out with it the day before his naming day, he was a bit poorly and very itchy with it, but if you use the aqueous calamine cream rather than the lotion it helps.
  • yeah viral rash looks the same as chicken pox in the early stages , faith always gets viral rashes and sometimes has up 50 spots!
  • I got chicken pox when I was about 4 or 5 and it was horrible, I remember how nasty and itchy it was and I scratched my spots so bad they lasted for ages! One of my friends at school got it when she was 15 and was off for 3 weeks she was so ill. So its quite good he's got it now I suppose. But still, hope hes better soon whether it chicken pox or not. x
  • Well it wasnt chicken pox. Got jayden up this morning andf no sign of any rash. Its gone as quick as it come! Dont know if im happy or not, Was kind of hoping it was pox cause it wasnt bothering him at all.. stupid man at chemist mis-diagnosing grr!
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