Water at nite

I've been told that givin lo water at nite can help stop them waing in the nite. Doesthis work? Also do u giv it to them warm or cold?


  • Glad you asked, we were gonna try this tonight. He's 15wks and 16lbs so there's no reason why he should really need a nite feed. But i'm a scaredy cat and will probably chicken out.
    If I try it and he screams blue murder cos he wants milk do I jsut persevere and put him down again ?
    Was gonna give the ater at room temp.
    S xx
  • My lo is 6.5lbs so am sure she doesn't need feedin have jst been doin it cos its easier to feed her than keep puttin her down pickin her up.
    I think tonite i'll jst try and persevere with the pick up and put down
    Good luck to u as well!
  • Well I jujst did a bit of research on net and read that you should dilute the milk for first few nights before giving water straight away. So I'm gonna do that. 75% milk tonight, 50% milk tomorrow, 25% 3rd night and then water.
    I'll see how I go. I might chicken out ! Fingers crossed. S x
  • hmmm, well am bf so don't no how i'll dilute it, think will jst hav to go cold turkey
  • Hiya, was just wondering how you got on last night, did you stay strong and go cold turkey.
    We didn't have to give water last night becuase a miracle happened, he slept thru from 7.30-7am !! Pretty sure it was a one off and not holding me breath for tonight. BUt now that I know he can do it I'm definitely gonna give him water, or dilute his feed, if he wakes up tonight. Just wondered how it went with straight water and if it wasn't too bad I might go cold turkey too.S x
  • we did this to our lil boy to stop feeds in the nite yes it did work for us not aver nite thought but after afew days. give them luke warm water
  • Hiya Suz
    U lucky thing!
    Well she woke up and i tried her with some water and she looked at me as if to say wot is this?! But she kept takin the bottle and then pushin it away cos it wasn't milk, in the end after bein up for bout an hour jst wanted to go back to sleep so i fed her, then she woke up again an hour later so it completely backfired cos she was down to only wakin up once!! And it was the same again last nite! Think wil try 1 more nite and then i think i'll giv up
  • Well how did it go ? I did it last night and same as you he pushed bottle away as soon as he realisd it was water. Then would cry for a while, I offered bottle and he took it until he got fed up and pushed away again. Was up for about an hr and half and would have been less but he woke up when I tried to put him back down. So ended up sleeping with me until he woke at 6.30. I was too tired to do it again so I fed him, as a night feed, but he refused ot go back to sleep so was up with him at 7am. My friend said do it for 3 nights if it doesn't work on the 4th then stop. So here goes for night 2. Hope it went better last night. S x
  • Hi,
    Not sure if this will help at all ladies but Lillith was having a night feed and I decided to instead offer a feed as I go to bed-between 10 and 11pm. She has this and now goes through to 7am.
    Lydia xx
  • It didn't work!! She's back to wakin up once now, so am leavin it for a bit! Mite try cc or sumthin soon

    I thought bout doin that but i hate to wake her when she's actually asleep!!
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