have a read of this

just been having a nosey on you and your wedding (sister site) and there is a bit of a row going on about kids on trains, some loon thinks they should be banned!

have a look, its under general chat and the topic is something about journey to work cheered up by little boy. the link to YAYW is at the bottom of this page



  • hope she carries on with her Pill!

    or has a hysterectomy.........
  • I live in Leeds and tomorrow me and the lo's are going to spend the day looking for stuck up cows on trains. I will be smeering Millie with jam before we leave the house and engaging Barney in his favourite screeching contest. When I find her I will run over her expensive shoes with my (more) expensive pushchair te he he.
    Miserable cow, how did she find someone willing to marry her?
  • unreal isnt it

  • i think she must have forgotten that she once was a snotty nosed little kid that stuck her tongue out at people, that wiped her grubby hands on her mum's top (never mind a bloody stranger!), and that probably sang her heart out on the school coach trip, giving the 'V's' to drivers behind her!

    stressful job?!! big bloody deal! i've got one, but still appreciate that kids are kids, and dont always behave just as we would want them to!

  • :lol: Just read your reply to that thread tallkatie2 very funny!lol x
  • her life must be soooo boring
  • Like another reply on there I wasn't sure if she was joking or serious.... Sounded abit over the top!!!
  • gate crashing here lol

    but i just had to look,im a member already but didnt post a reply would have found it hard to hold back

    what a pathetic absent minded silly olde bag she is lol,pay for her dry cleaning wtf!!!!!!! would she ask the train company to if is she got it dirty from the train doors,seriously how often do kids run up and put their mucky fingers on any1 except their mums or dads

    think she needs to lighten up a bit,i could see her being vivan fron doctors lol
  • LOl this just made my blood boil... how about a Leeds meetup girls? On the trains... about 7.30am i reckon... :lol:
  • JamDonut i wish i could i would be there with Lennon lollipop in both hands and in a just woke up mood then she would really hate kids lol

    yes queenbee its true there are people that far up themselves
  • i could ask Lennon where her nose is,he then tends to stick it up there bet that would make her chuffed

    maybe a bunch of pushchairs in her way also would piss her right off
  • Silly bitch! Totally unrealisitc. I'd let her over take me and ram her ankles with pram!

  • Have just been over and read this thread....and i only have 1 thing to say.

  • is she for real?
  • is she for real?
  • ok i havent read it all and i am normally a quiet person and very calm BUT if i met her on a train and she said any of those things about my children (who by the way i love hear singing and see dancing anytime of day anywhere!) she would definatly have to decide if she was going to fight or flight!!! I guess if she does have children then they will ofcourse be perfect angels,not a hair out of place,not speak unless spoken to and blah blah blah!! BUT my LO will have a fun life,be able to ask questions and learn all about life in a fun touchy feely way :lol:
  • Wow am a bit shocked at what I've just read. In my opinion she sounds like a very unhappy person-how can you not have ever found a child funny??? My class used to make me laugh every day and my lo well I swear he's a born comedian!! She is so missing out. I actually feel sorry for her. My lo, like wannababy says, will have a fun, happy and busy life where he can ask questions and enjoy learning about life. Not sure we could say the same thing if that lady had children.
  • 2 words............

  • 2 more....

    her own.....
  • I think she is real but it embelleshing her side - "I am often wearing expensive clothes" to make herself sound more important that she actually is and therefore in her tiny mind give her "arguament" more weight.

    Sily, silly people and their silly, silly narrow minds.

    I hope she got jam on her Primark - sorry I mean expensive clothes on the way to work this morning.
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