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Cutting nails - such an idiot!

I was cutting Neve's nails with baby nail clippers this morning and I cut the end of her finger because I got the angle wrong - It bled a lot and I was nearly hysterical but Neve didn't seem even remotely concerned. Spoke to the doctor who said not to worry and to apply pressure and thankfully she is fine and just has a little scab and a very short nail! :cry:

Can't believe how guilty I feel, makes me feel sick that I cut my 5 week old baby's finger. Please tell me I am not the only one to have done this!


  • when my lo was little, i used to file them, cant you try this.
  • Will definately be filing from now on - the nail clippers are already in the bin.
  • you are not a idiot lottie we have had many discussions and posts on this board about cutting our baby's fingers i did it about the same age as neve is and Macey screamed her head off so i put an adult plaster on she looked really funny and my oh wondered what i had been doing to her when he got home from work. I find that small baby scissors are the best i have never cut my lo's finger with scissors. Dont feel to bad hun x
  • ouch! i was petrified of doing this so had a go with a nail file and found it useless, nails seem too soft however i went on to baby nail scissors which are great, just do it while lo is sleeping and you can get a clear view as to what's finger and what's nail! good luck
  • i put off cutting evie's nails for weeks coz i was too scared, but she kept scratching her face so my hubby took it in his hands... he did a brill job until the very last finger and then did the same, cut the end and she let out a horrible shreak! it made my heartbreak but after she'd let out a cry she didnt care at all! your not an idiot at all hunny, its so so easily done! dont beat yourself up x x
  • dont feel bad! it happens to us all image i find that once my lo has had a bath then i can just kind of pick at the nail to make it come off, im not going to use the clippers for a while lol x
  • dont feel bad! it happens to us all image i find that once my lo has had a bath then i can just kind of pick at the nail to make it come off, im not going to use the clippers for a while lol x
  • i did it twice, so now i use a glass nail file and it is so much easyer x
  • I did it once with my first baby. I was really nervous about doing cutting her nails in the first place but got too confident at the end and cut her finger on the last cut.

    My 3rd baby is now 9 weeks old and i'm still not confident doing it.

    Shell & Paige
  • my HV told me just to nibble Marcus nails as your mouth is very senstive you are less likely to cut them. Sounds a bit gross but has worked ok so far!
  • i too have cut josephs finger and it bled alot. i tried to file and use scissors and i bite but i cant do any of these so i have to persevere with clippers and just pin him down! he 9 months now so its getting difficult! hubby bites them but i cant do it! xx
  • Thanks for your replies - have had a look at the finger this morning and it looks as though she won't have one finger shorter than the other after all!

    Just kidding, its a small nick and is healng already but I can't believe it bled so much and how awful I felt - husband prank called me on way the home last night pretending to be Social Services lol.
  • Dont worry Lottie I've done the same. I actually nicked Amys nail too short recently & it bled a wee bit but coz shes now 2 she kept reminding me of her sore finger all day. I felt awful coz she told everyone too.

    Hilary x
  • Lol I can't wait until she can tell everyone about my blunders!
  • oh hun, i did exactly the same thing except my son screamed his head off, i cried my eyes out and threw the clippers out and bought tommy tippee nail scissors which are great, i still use them now and he's 4.
    I also stupidly carried picked his bouncy chair up with him in it and it slipped out of my hand and I dropped the chair, again felt like the worst mum EVER, and finally picked him up out the bath and went to wrap a towel around him and caught his widgy with my nail, took some skin off OUCH.

    So there you have it I've had my stupid moments too, he still loves me though lol.

    Hugs x
  • I've just done the same she cried so bad hardly bled she's stopped crying and I'm still cryingimage feel awful!
  • I did this a few month ago, just caught the side skin by his nail, so my fella decided to try a few week ago and took a little chunk off his finger, bled for hours. Took him to health visitor to check it but she said to apply pressure. He has a tiny scar now image my mother in law now cuts them for us when he stays over lol too scared to do it x
  • I was also told to bite my babies nails. With both I didn't use nail clippers until their fingers were bigger. At least yr lo wont remember itimage
  • I did it too when did was only tiny, I was definitely more upset than she was image


  • I've just done the same thing today... I feel terrible...  There was blood and crying and she's not had any naps today and I'm still trying to get her off to sleep now... It's her thumb she likes to try to suck.  I find the nail file no good and biting them off too difficult. we were advised not to use scissors.  I think I'm coming to the conclusion that her ooccasionally scratching her face is better than the alternative of blood plasters and calpol and upset baba. Having read the posts I might give the scissors a go while she's sleeping but would rather leave it for now than have one very upset baba (and of course I feel terrible)  image 

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