On no, nesting instinct!

Over the weekend I have totally cleaned out our kitchen/utility & downstairs loo. Cleaning out all cupboards, in every nook & cranny, you name it it's been cleaned & polished! You can eat your dinner off any surface now. Oh daren't go in there cos I keep shouting at him not to mess it up. It's almost like I was when I started my maternity leave and the nesting took hold!
Other thing is I have not been feeling too well (nauseous) over the past weeks inc 2 nasty bouts of sickness & diarhhea. Oh & I had protected sex during the time I was ovulating about 10 days ago..........
I really hope it's just a bug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • There wasn't any accident with the condom but oh must have good swimmers as he got me pg when I was suffering with PCOS.
    We want another one but not yet. Charlotte will have to wait for a lil' bro or sis! I'm sure it's just a bug that wont go! That's part of the reason why I cleaned out the kitchen!!! lol!!
  • te he he he he i am so glad there's no chance of me being pregnant again any time soon image hopefully the 2 of you just have a bug! xx
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