pain relief PLEASE HELP!

after having to take lots of disgusting neds as ababy through asyringe and being so good about it in last 6 months daisy has refused to take nurofen or calpol. i have to get her in a hedlock and syringe it in mouth she screams spits it outs and then throws up everywhere . its horrific. she screamed for most of night last night like an animal in pain. her nose is streamins sneezing i think her last teeth are coming through ive had no sleep for 2 nights an dhave had a headache across my eyes for 2 days with sheer tiredness. someone in work told me they give their little boy a tablet that he supposed to suck??????? never heard of it. she said she takes them on plne for pain in ears?/???? anyone heard of this as im desperate. ive had sugggestions of hiding calpol in drink but have tried it she aint stupid just wont drink it. if there was a tablet this would be great to try as she loves sweets lol she is 18 months xx thanks for reading hope you can help x


  • I've never heard of a tablet hun - but if there is such a thing your chemist would know! I have the same problem with my 4 year old, he simply refuses! We try to reward him, so he has a spoonful and then gets a grape or a raisin (i would give him a sweet but i've yet to find one that doesnt make hime hyper lol) Would the same work for your lo? Sorry you're feeling so rubbish, i hope she either takes the medicine or feels better very soon! xxx
  • Don't know of any alternative drugs. Aston powders can be good for a homeopathic remedy (powder on the tongue), or could you try mixing the calpol in with another syrup. When I was younger (and I'm still talking 12-14) I couldn't swallow pills so I had to have them hidden in a spoonful of chocolate sauce. The think consistancy of that was easier to swallow and the pills would go down with it. As they are similar textures they should mix and the sauce might just overpower the taste of calpol enough to let her eat it, or maybe treat it like an icecream sauce and mix it in with icecream to give to her. (sorry - both sweet treats but I guess at this point anything is worth a go after 2 sleepless nights).
  • Oscar's a nightmare with medicine's. If I know he's bad with his teeth I syringe him calpol in his sleep!

    Works for us and he's now starting to take calpol from the syringe in the day too. Xxx
  • There's a calpol tablet that dissolves on their tongue, but I thought it was just for older children (6+). I think they're called Fastmelts or something.

    Just found these:
    DOn't think they do them for under 6's though.
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