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Are the baby monitors that monitor things like movement and breathing worth it or should i just buy a normal one?


  • We have the Angelcare monitors and they've been great for piece of mind. Also, the sound quality is great - I'd highly recommend them.
  • Do they tend to go off unnecessarily though? because i wouldnt like to be thinking there was something wrong when baby is fine
  • We have the Angelcare too; Grace will be seven months next week and it has never once gone off (apart from when we test it, lol)!

    I think that it is really fab for peace of mind as well.

    Em x
  • We've only ever had 2 false alarms in 11 months.
    One was when I tripped over the cable and it came loose so went off and the other was when Lily was sleeping in a ball in the top corner of the cot. The sensor should cover the whole area but we are naughty and don't use a plank of wood like the instructions recommend, we put it straight under the mattress on the slats of the cot, so the vibrations from her breathing didn't transfer through to the sensor pad properly.
  • I personally just went for sound and temperature - I knew that I would be obsessive otherwise! We have the Tomy Active Premier and it's been great.
  • We have a very basic sound only monitor and it's fine. Although to be honest we usually hear her when she wakes anyway (small house :\)) and as first time parents we check her every time one of us goes up to the loo!
    We originally wanted to get the BT 150 as we'd read such good reviews of it, but my sil offered us her old one and we've stuck with it. It's a tomy walkabout classic. For room temperature we use the same thermometer we have for the bath -|category_root|Nursery|14417537/c_2/3|cat_15701330|Feeding+and+bathing|14417596.htm?engine=froogle&keyword=Philips+AVENT+Digital+Bath+and+Room+Thermometer.&_$ja=tsid:11527|ccimageprd:3990612|cat:nursery+%3E+feeding+and+bathing+%3E+bathing+and+potty+training
  • I have the angelcare movement monitor for peace of mind, I've never had a false of mind and love it for this reason. I do use the BT150 though at the same time as I think this is a better sound monitor and it also gives me the temp, chance to speak through, etc. HTH xx
  • Hi,

    had anglecare movement and sound with first and second baby - can't realy fault them. we have a history of cot death in family, they hae been great

  • We have the BT 150 and it's great! I'd highly recommend it...
  • I have the angel care monitor and would not be without it. Would highly reccomened as it gives me great peace of mind especialy when dd went into her own room
  • we have the bt 150 but we did look at buying the angelcare monitor but i thought it would make me a bit paranoid!
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