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wonder if anyone can make any reccomendations on books on making babyfood...am stuck in a rut!!! done fish and potato to which i mix veg puree, and i give chicken and sweet potato puree but need some help with how to make more complete and interesting meals for Braedon. Am fine with simple purees but run out of ideas!
I was looking at Annabel Karmels Top 100 purees book online - does anyone have this one? Any good? or can anyone tell me of any others that contain recipes for making purees of proper meals?
Ta girlies! xxx


  • thanks babe, will take a look at website...not sure what the best book to spend money on is but poor Braedon must be fed up of chicken and fish with potato and veg by now!!!
  • You can't go wrong with Annabel Karmel. Got the top 100 baby purees and Complete Baby & Toddler meal book. Recipes are really easy and delicious. One of my best buys!! Definately recommend them.
  • thanks ccbmommy - can u tell me if either (or both) of these books has recipe for full meals like bolognese, curry etc for babies? had a v quick flick through my friends copy and all i saw was how to make basic fruit and veg puree, guessing i didnt look in the right chapters? xxx
  • The complete baby and toddler meal planner is FAB and yes it has recipes for bolognese, fish ckaes, curries etc etc I woudl think it is better than the purees one as it will last for longer when lo gets a bit older you can still use the recipes! - well recommended!!!
  • annabell karmel is really good hun id reccommend xx
  • I ordered it yesterday! I looked at it in mothercare (??14.99) then ordered it from amazon (??8.99 new with free delivery) Should be coming tomorrow. Lucy is only 3 months but i wanted to read up a little on weaning before she's ready so it doesn't seem so daunting when the time comes.
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