infacol does anyone find this helps with colic?

My baby is 19 days old, and has started suffering with colic/wind (health visitor spotted it first with the green poo), i have been using the doctor brown bottles since birth as my first was also very colicy, helath visitor advised using either dentinox (tried this first baby threw up the bottle straight away) we are now using infacol but i cant help but think this is actually making her worse not better. I was wondering if anyone else was using it and with any success, the other option she advised was using a special milk for colic but ive read lots of reviews on these that are not that good.
Thank you
Kristy xx


  • we used infacol at first and then dentinox, i dont think either really worked he just grew out of it after a month or so. do you have those anti-colic bottles??
  • G/C but i used Infacol with my DD and i thought it worked wonders. she was fine after we'd given her it and didnt have to use it for long either. Im definately going to buy some just incase i need it with this baby x
  • I used infacol which worked, but then she didn't actually have colic, just needed a helping hand with burping. After a couple of weeks I changed to gripe water which brought even bigger burps!!
  • After my daughter suffered badly with not bringing up wind I started using Infacol with my son as soon as he was born. He developed colic anyway and I didn't think the infacol was helping until the day I decided to reduce it - omg- the colic got 10 times worse.

    No commercial colic remedies helped, the only thing that did help was a dummy which I was against initially but really worked. Also massaging his tummy.

    Hope this helps
  • We tried Infacol with our daughter but didn't find it worked at all. The cure really depends on what's causing the colic - infacol works if it's wind however there are other causes too. It can also be caused by lactose intolerance in which cause colief should help we switched to this and it worked within 2/3 days. Another cause is reflux if his is the case baby may need thickened feeds or gaviscon which would need to be prescribed. My HV advised us to try things one by one so you know exactly what works. If infacol isn't helping it may be worth either changing formula or trying colief if hay doesn't help maybe discuss if it's possibly reflux with your GP.

    We did change to aptimal comfort milk but I'm not convinced it helped and suspect it's the cause of Aila going from 1 poo a day to 4/5 a day! I also found it very hard to mix as it settled when cooling.

    Good luck hope you find what works soon - colic can be really tough but it does get better - I realise that's no consolation when baby is screaming for hours but now ar 9 weeks Aila is far better so there is light at the end of the tunnel.
  • thanks for the replies, i have got some colief today so will try that now, although im not sure she will want to wait half an hour for feeds which your suppose to do with it. We use the ready made cartons, is there a away of making up a couple of feeds with the colief and leaving them in the fridge until needed or cant hat only be done if using the powder?
  • Hey Hun, we've used infacol from birth due to trapped wind & it's been great for us. The HV told us to use it before every feed, it does take about a week to kicks in. You can make the bottles up with ready made formula & keep them In the fridge as long as they are used within 24 hrs.....might be worth switching to powder though....loads cheaper! Picking up on a post above about formula, we were on SMA & had a very unsettled LO after feeding. Just a thought image sorry I'm not much help!!

    CG xx
  • we tried every colic drop/remedy ever invented lol but the only thing that helped was cranial osteopathy!
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