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People have been asking us what we would like them to get DD for her Christening next week! I would love her to have a collection of lovely books. I love reading and remember getting some lovely books when I was little (the complete works of Lewis Carroll being one of them) and I would love DD to have inherited my love of reading and books and her Christening seems the perfect way to start this love off. Where as most woman love shoes and bags - waterstones is my weakness lol

So far we have the inlaws getting her the complete winnie the pooh collection and a lovely aunty and uncle are getting her the complete beatrix potter collection.

so please inspire me further and tell me what other 'classic' children books did you love as a child or think every child must own? (I know DD is only 29 weeks but I would love books that she will get pleasure out of for many,many years to come x)



  • The good thing about books is a good one stores memories for a lifetime. I have many faves but they aren't classics, but for classics how about paddington?

    There is a good thread in toddler about books, have pinched so many for Dylan's xmas and birthday presents

  • Enid Blyton's Faraway Tree Collection
    The Railway Children
    The Jungle Book (not the disney one although I love the film :lol: )
    Swiss Family Robinson
    Little Women
    What Katy Did Collection
    Black Beauty
    Treasure Island
    Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
    The Secret Garden
    I know this is not strictly a children's books but I read Lorna Doone when I was 6 and loved it.
    Can you tell I love books also, Olivia is 10 months and has already over 200 books!!
  • Not sure if it would be what you're after exactly, but my sister and her hubby bought my dd a collection of roald dahl books. We loved them as kids, she's still a bit young, but I know we'll enjoy reading them to her as much as she does in years to come xx
  • I've been keeping a list of books I want to make sure Toby has the opportunity to read. Rosapeny has covered most of the classics but I also had: Peter Pan, the Hans Christian Andersen stories, the Wind in the Willows. For when he's a bit older I also have Gullivers Travels, the Count of Monte Cristo, Robin Hood, Ivanhoe, the Adventures of Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn and the Three Musketeers.

    I really loved books and reading when I was a child and I hope Toby will be the same!
  • Hi

    Books for now

    Dear Zoo
    Very Hungry Caterpillar
    Tiger who came to tea (wonderful!!!)
    Where the wild things are
    Each Peach Pear Plum
    Guess How Much i love you

    For later
    To Kill a Mockingbird
    Charlie and The Chocolate Factory
    The Chronicles of Narnia
    Wind in the Willows

    S x
  • Oh Charlotteb I love The Count of Monte Cristo and the Hans Christian Anderson Stories!!
  • The Anne of green gables set and also charlotte's web
  • The just so storries you may have to hunt them down though.
  • Oh Charlotteb I love The Count of Monte Cristo and the Hans Christian Anderson Stories!!

    lol I can't wait to have an excuse to read all these books again - will be reading them to Toby whether he likes it or not!
  • The Church Cat books and Garth Pig and the Icecream Lady were my favourites when I was little.
  • How about all the classic fairy stories like Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Jack and the Beanstalk. I have a lovely set of all those books (not the disney ones) and can't wait to read them all to Emily! image x
  • Ooh, I've just been updating my Amazon wishlist in preparation for Christmas. A lot of my old favourites have already been mentioned, but Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass are absolute must-haves for any child. And The Wind in the Willows, of course. Also Joan Aiken's Mortimer stories (illustrated by Quentin Blake), her Wolves of Willoughby Chase sequence and her fairy tale collections. Oh, no childhood should be without Roald Dahl.

    If you want books to keep for when she is a little older, Andrew Lang's coloured fairy books are classics, as are George MacDonald's books and Frances Hodgson Burnett. And someone mentioned the Green Knowe books on a thread I started over in Toddler, which I want to get Peter.

    More modern classics: Dogger (Shirley Hughes) and the Mog books (Judith Kerr). I don't know if you can get them in Britain, but Rosemary Wells's books are gorgeous. And Tony Ross (Horrid Henry) and Michael Rosen have both published new collections of fairy tales which have just been reviewed as must-haves. We also have the copy of Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats illustrated by Alex Schaeffler who also does most of Julia Donaldson's books, which is gorgeous. I would also recommend anything by Donaldson, including Cave Baby, her latest which isn't illustrated by Schaeffler but very beautiful and very funny.

    Right, I'll stop now, although I could go on and on. Hope that helps.

    (By the way, it may be worth checking out second hand sites. You can definitely get hold of the Just So Stories and The Jungle Book which are also must-haves but you may get nicer hardback copies second hand. We have a beautiful copy of Howard Pyle's Robin Hood handed down from my great-great-uncle, but that is a 'read to' copy as it dates from 1911!)
  • This thread inspired me - I just went out and bought Toby two very lovely books, beautiful editions of The Jungle Book and Peter Pan. He's too young for them now (so I also got Spot Goes for a Walk, lol!) but I can't wait to read them with him when he's older. Will try and buy a book every few months from now on to build a collection!!
  • All lovely suggestions! (though definitely keep To Kill a Mockingbird until much, much later, lol!)
    We loved the Narnia books when we were young, Dad used to read them to us and take it in turns to lie on each of our beds. Mum would always lie on the other one and fall asleep. I know understand why, bless her, Mummy tiredness! He also read us The Hobbit, which we loved, 101 Dalmations, The Secret Garden, Peter Pan, and of course, all the Roald Dahl classics.
    I think it's a lovely idea for pressies, something that baby will actually use for many years to come! x x x
  • Don't know if it on here but the Beatrix Potter collection are lovely
  • The velveteen rabbit x
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