fao linzimC

hey just thought ide talk to u about this swaddling buisness i didnt swaddle harri last night and i was suprised how well he slept! ive gone and bought a grow bag from sainsburys today as harri does kick the covers off and his little feet stick out lol. i did tuck him in quite firmly last night and it seemed to work so ill try again tonight. growbag seems quite thin but its 2.5 tog. oh picked it up and got 3-6 months idiot but it will last for a bit as harri is a bit small! x


  • hi! glad to hear he slept well last night as it's a really hard habbit to break isn't it! at first i was just glad to get a nights sleep as Evie slept well when swaddles but come 5months i was kicking myself for getting her so used to it. it'll be interesting to see how he takes to his sleeping bag, fingers crossed for you, if tonights not so good my only other suggestion is just to persist for a while and hopefully after a few nights he'll get used to having his arms out! xx
  • he slept in his bag last night and wasnt too bad. he was up once for a feed in the night but was awake at half 5!!! as usual.! im gonna persivere with it i think.xxx
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