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I really want to get my child into modelling - can anyone recommend any agencies? You hear so many scam stories that I want to make sure I go to an reputable one. Does anyone's child model?


  • There have been a few posts about agencies lately and tbh I don't think anyone knows of any 100% reputable agencies or not as most seem to ask for an initial fee and most seem to accept a large number of babies but in my personal opinion the agencies will accept a large number of babies as lets face it, all babies are beautiful and the majority of companies who approach agencies looking for babies will just be looking for a normal baby, not necessarily a perfect baby.

    Kade has been accepted by bizzikidz, eurokids and tuesdays child. All seem pretty good but do all charge an initial fee.
    Have a look on the alba website to find more info and make sure you check out the named and shamed section for ones to definitely avoid.

    Good luck :\)

  • Hi,

    Ruby has been accepted onto the books of Babyshak. They want a ??90 fee though. I'm not sure what to do as only heard back on Monday xx
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