Dorchester hospital?

Has anyone used Dorchester hospital? I live closer to Poole and am getting a bit pressure to choose Poole but I dont feel that confident in it from what Ive heard. Does anyone have an opinion? x


  • I'm live in Poole, but had the option of Dorchester and Poole, I did the tour of Poole and if I wasn't happy then I was going to do the tour of Dorchester. I had all my scans at Poole, and when I had to be monitored towards the end of my pregnancy they were fantastic and so helpful, to be told that I can call them anytime of day and to come and see them if I had any concerns, completely put me at ease. I ended up having a water birth in the Haven Suite with my son now 19 months. I had a very quick labour and prob wouldn't have made it to Dorchester. The MW who delivered my son was fantastic and the aftercare was too, even though they were really busy. I'm now 37+3 wks pregnant with No2 and am planning another water birth at Poole. Again the care I've recieved from them has been fantastic.
    I would do a tour of both hospitals, and make a decision then. Good luck
    Ali x
  • Thanx for your response. I will deffo take a look at both and try to keep an open mind! x
  • I had my DS at Dorch too this time last year and can recommend it too! x Much more privacy at Dorch compared to poole.
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