Poorly boy

My little man has a cold and has had a cough but its not got wheezey (sp?) He seems to find the noises funny but i know itd hurting him especially when he coughs.... does anyone know of any good medicines or remedies for wheezeyness? Ive been using tixylix cold and cough but hasnt helped in the slightest



  • if you take him to the docs they might perscribe him Salbutomol - it will help with wheezy breathing and if he needs them antibiotics. If he dosnt get that bad then you could try simple linctus. Hope he feels better soon. take care xx xx
  • bless him, sorry no ideas, I would call nhs direct or make a docs appointment.

    hope he's feeling better soon
  • where do i get linctus from? never heard of it? lol x
  • simple linctus coats the throat to help with coughs. You can buy it over the counter at the chemist xx
  • Well ive made an appointment with the doctor now as hes really not himself image just laying on the floor burying his head poor lil man...maybe ill be able to get something on prescription?
  • thats good, be best to get him looked over, the doctor shouls give you a prescription or if not recommend the best thing.

    taking him into the bathroom with the room all steamy might help until you go to the docs - steam is supposed to help when your all blocked up and stuffy
  • Well i took him to the dictors and im so glad i did. He has been given and inhaler as he may well have ashtma. We have been given an appointment with an ashtma specialist on the 2nd december to see whats going on. Ashtma really runs in our family. I had it when i was a kid but luckily grew out of it. Just thought id write an update image
  • thank u image no doubt will keep u posted on what happens! lol xx
  • my little boy is twenty months and has had his inhalers for about six monthe and he is really bad with his wheezing.he just cant shake it of bless him.at the moment he has tablets and medicine to go with it.they told us they cannot tell if he has asthma or not because he is too young.you must have a good doctor then.hope he is ok charlotte xx
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