Vitamin Drops?

Hi girls,
my HV gave me a leaflet on weaning and it said on it that if you are breastfeeding you should be giving your baby vitamin drops.
Ive never heard of this before do any of you give them to your little ones? If so which ones should i get?


  • When I was breast feeding I never gave either of my boys vitamin drops and have never heard of it being done I always thought baby got everything out of mothers milk
  • So did I thats why im a little confused you get told so many different things all the time its hard to know whats right!
    Thanks for replying
  • I do give them to Barney but only because he is a nosey little bugger who regularly gets so distracted he doesn't bother having his milk. If I remember right the main vitamin that they can become deficent in is vit D which isn't found in high enough quantities in breast milk. Vit D is made in the body when exposed to sunlight so all you have to do is make sure your lo gets out and about!!
  • You can buy them from tesco. It is in my weaning stuff too and it says if you are formula feeding you should give them from age 1-5. Never knew anything about it.
  • personally I wouldnt give them unless your lo is not a good feeder like Lara and Bedhead's lo's.
    Sources of vitamin D are eggs, dairy products, meat. Sources of iron are dark green veggies, red meat, wholemeal bread, iron-fortified cereals (eg weetabix). Also it is important to take them outside...Gabe is usually outside for at least half an hour a day when we go for a walk.
    If Connor is having a varied diet, a decent amount of breast milk and a walk outside most days, I wouldnt see the need for them. None of my friends BF lo's had them and they're fine. But thats just me!xxx
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