Changing bags - what have you got?



  • I've got the boden changing bag, its massive, easily fit everything i need and a load of toys too...brill!
  • I have this one:

    It fits loads in. I was using the free boots one until recently but decided that as it had replaced my handbag I should have a nice looking one! I really really wanted a pink lining one, but couldn't justify the expense.
  • I have Lin and Leo and love it too. Gorgeous bag, and I've had loads of people say where do you get your handbag, and can;t believe it's a changing bag!!!

    My husband has devised a way to fix it in the basket under the Bugaboo which involves balancing on the basket and wrapping the shoulder strap round the chassis! (Don't ask me how he does it but it stays in place, lol!!)

    Agree with the cost tho, mine was a gift of brother and SIL, although prob would have persuaded hubby it was a 'necessity' if I didn't have a very kind brother!! lol!! xxx
  • i've got a yummy mummy pink lining bag which i got as a joint birthday/mothers day present. i nearly bought a radly but at the time couldnt justify it. i also have 2 mothercare bags, a slouch and a rucksage( which my husband uses) and the free boots one.

    i love my pink lining bag as its big enought to carry everything i need plus medical supplys that i need for myself
  • I've got this one:

    It's a Pink Lining Yummy Mummy one and i LOVE it!!!! It's really roomy, got lots of inside pockets so i'm able to carry everything but the kitchen sink :lol:
    Think i paid around ??70 for it with free delivery.
    They do lots of different style bags with different designs on too xx
  • kelly, thats similar to mine image
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