Cows milk.

Hi all,
I was just wondering if Id remembered correctly, after 6months, a baby can be given cows milk in food ie in cereal etc cant they?
I know they cant have it as a main drink until 12 months.
Thanks in advance
Kas xx


  • Hurray, thanks for that Boo, that'll save me having to make an extra bottle of milk a day to put in food.
    Thanks again
    Kas xx
  • It's much easier using cows milk in cooking, etc now.
    Camerons taken quite a liking to custard and i just use 1tsp custard powder mixed with 2fl oz milk and heat until it thickens. He's only having 3 bottles a day now so i feel it's a good way to give him a little bit more milk.
  • Oh, I was told to steralise till 12 months. Ive never steralised spoons or bowls (maybe I should have), but we steralised bottles till Niamh was a year.
    Or maybe we didnt, (uumm, you've got me thinking now.) Will check with Ant when he gets in.
  • Ive forgotten so much since Niamh was a baby. It was only two years ago aswell, how bad is that?
    Which bottle has Cameron dropped now?
  • My hv told me to steralise for as long as i was using bottles!
  • Why do all hv give different advice. Its confusing enough being a parent.
  • My hv told me to sterlilse bottles up to 12 months. Cameron's just dropped his lunchtime bottle, he was only taking 2-3oz, and then he wouldn't take any milk mid-afternoon. Now he has 8oz at breakfast, another 7-8oz mid afternoon and then the same before bed.
    How many bottles does Tara have?
  • I was a bit naughty with Ethan and he had a bit of milk as a drink during the day from 10 1/2 months. This was because he dropped a day breast feed and it seemed pointless to start him on formula for the sake of 6-7weeks.

    I think it's good to introduce them to the flavour of cows milk in their foods as early as you can, i think it is 6 months.
  • thanks for that everyone. Had a word with Ant and he said we steralised till 12 months with Niamh. so think I'll do the same again.

    Dawn, Tara still has 4 bottles, but only takes 6oz (if that each time), so its one in the morn, another at lunch, one mid afternoon and one at bedtime. She eats like a horse in the day, she has breakfast (readybrek or weetabix), then lunch with fruit or yoghurt after, then dinner with fruit or yoghurt after.
    How is Cameron doing with his meals?

    Kas xx
  • He loves food!!
    He usually has weetabix with banana for breakfast, then some of my toast, lunch with a yoghurt, fruit mid afternoon, then tea with fruit(and sometimes custard) and then he quite often has some of what we're having for dinner!!
    I was out with my sister on Monday and we went to pizza hut for lunch, he was desperately trying to grab at the food on my plate(it looked like he hadn't been fed in months, when in actual fact he'd already had 2 courses for lunch!!!!) I got some macaroni cheese from the buffet and mashed that for him and he scoffed the lot.
    It's definately much easier now that he can have 'normal' food.
    Take care
    Dawn xx
  • its great isnt it? Much easier.
    Kas xx
  • my 7 month little boy wheel not drink formula milk at all can he have cows milk, or what shouldi do, tryed all makes.
  • Hi,Leelee.
    I'm Jo,Mum to 6,expecting Seven in May.
    Your baby still needs to be drinking formula if not breastfeeding.It contains the extra nutrients they need you can't get from cow's milk.What's he been drinking up till now?
    When I've changed my babies' milk,whether it's from breast milk to formula or changed the formula at 6 months or when I changed to cows milk at a year,I always changed maybe 1 oz of an 8 oz bottle one day,then 2 the next day,just gradually so they don't notice the sudden change in milk.
    One of mine refused bottles altogether and went straight onto a beaker at 7/8 months as she'd never had a bottle before.I've also had three of them refuse to drink out of any bottle but their particular favourite.
    Keep trying,babies often take a while to get used to new things.If you're worried how much milk your little one's getting you can give dairy products,but he still needs to be drinking about a pint,you'd need a lot of dairy to make that up.See your health visitor if you're still worried.
  • I thought it was 12 months beofre they could have cows milk at all. Maybe that's if they're a family history of allergies, I know it is for eggs. My cousin's allergic to nuts, my mum and brother-in-law have asthma, me my mum, my brother-in-law and my brother have hayfever, River has eczema and  I had it as a kid, so i follow the advice for if you have family history of allergies, haven't even been able to eat peanuts while brestfeeding 'cause I'd feel so terrible if he developed an allergy and i knew it might be my fault!
  • ive not touched nuts while im bf either, i thought i was the only one, i dont feel so paranoid now!

    I know this is an old thread but i still sterilise jacks bottles, yes i know he should have a beaker but he drinks all other drinks from any cup/bottle/beaker no bother so he can have his milk in his bottle, its comforting and hes still a baby really. It sayes on his follow on milk box to sterilise aslong as you use formular.

  • your right laura dont touch nuts - you dont want to get pregnant again do you? lol
  • Is that what causes it?All this time I thought it was cos I washed his boxers with my smalls.!
    I'm paranoid about the nut thing,I also had a Grandmother who had a really bad fish allergy,so I don't touch those.
    The cow's milk's fine in puddings,cheese,yogurts,stuff like that.
    We think Matilda has wheat and maybe lactose intolerances,wouldn't go as far to say they're allergies,cos she's not ill.It's just the state and smell of her nappies (sorry TMI)if she eats weetabix,which was a big favourite,and she's sicky if she has yogurts/filous things like that.Since I restricted those things she's so much better.We have a history of food allergies and digestive problems in our family.When my Aunty was a baby my Grandad actually bought her a goat,and her milk was all she could drink,they tries every formula,breastfeeding,she couldn't keep anything down till they got the goat.
    I sterilise as long as I use bottles too.I usually change to a cup around a year,some of them earlier,some later,as long as they still get their milk.
  • god no linz!! hes having them chopped in 3weeks lol!image
  • My cousin was "done" but didn't wait the three months after the snip.They had a suprise arrival.
  • omg hed die!! that would not go down well, Hmm wonder if i could get away with it really want a max or an alfie image
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