strange friend request?

Hiya all

got this friend request on facebook the other day and wondered if anyone on here had had the same?

Snezana Milkovski was the name and network was serbia

The name was strange enough to me so i messaged her to ask how i knew her and in perfect english she replied that i didn't then said she was just up for playing with me? Could this be the same person or not?

Lisa xxx


  • I would block. There is loads strange people added people on facebook at the minute.
    If a old guy called Amos Mullets or Fanny anny Tuskney adds you delete it they are perverts.

  • i doubt it would be the same person but still it's very wierd, i wouldn't accept anyone i didn't know on facebook as there is so much personal info on there and pics of the kids, i've only got a couple of ladies from here as my friends because i have chatted with them in depth and over a period of almost 2 years
    i do know there are people on facebook that just request strangers but i find that very odd
  • I'm very funny about who i add on there because i have personal information on that i wouldn't want any tom dick or harry getting hold of.

    I've got a few off here that i believe i can trust that i've spoke to since being pregnant with my daughter and i couldn't fault them at all but random people requesting my freindship that i've never even said boo to just get ignored. Sorry if its been anyone on here but unless it says your from here and has your username on that i recognise i just don't accept.

    Lisa xxx
  • Seems rather odd! I'd delete her.

  • My rule of thumb both for msn and facebook. Dont add unless you know them,
    Simply why risk it.

    It could be wierdos, pervs or even a virus,
  • Not heard this one, but there are a lot of weirdos who add people. I ignore the ones I don't know to be honest, or if they don't put in the message bit how they know me and I don't recognise the name etc. xxx
  • im lucky very few people have my facebook so dont really get many weirdos adding me, but then i dont really use it much as i have bebo and prefer that x
  • I would block xx
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