mothercare world or kiddiecare in the south??

hi ya,

G/C from DIJ forum was wondering it you lovely ladies can help me i've been googling trying to find out if there are any in the sussex area or just generally 'down south'! but no luck as can't seem to find mothercare world at all????

Any idea's? i've been to the big mother care next to ikea in croydon but didn't think it was much bigger than my local one in brighton - there must be bigger ones!! haha



  • Hi Bunchymum, the biggest mothercare around here is the one in Croydon. It used to be a lot bigger and had a huge elc upstairs, but for some reason they closed that store and moved to the new one by ikea, which is no where near as good! Bit gutted really as the old store was fantastic, sold anything and everything! In toys r us they have ababy's r us section which isn't too bad for the practical items. There's a toys r us in Croydon but also a pretty good one on the outskirts of Brighton. I don't know of a kiddicare down this way though. Are in sussex? X
  • Does mothercare world still exist? I kno we ha one by us and utvwas called mothercare world for ages...the they changes it to mothercare but the shop wasn't made any smaller or anything so I just assumed they don't call them that anymore l?! Xx
  • I don't think it's been called mothercare world for a while, when I googles it last year it wouldn't pull anything up, and mothercare never advertised it on the website as a mothercare world. However, the larger stores tend to sell items, smaller stores don't. X
  • Southampton has a pretty big one. I think that was known as Mothercare world at one point (dont know if it still is but the size of the shop is still the same!!). xx
  • oh dam has the big mothercare world on purley way croydon closed then? i used to love that shop, didnt go there that long ago.. maybe 5/6 mnths....
  • Yeah it closed a couple of months ago, I only found out when enquiring at my local mothercare. There's a new which is on the same estate as ikea. It's not as good though, such a shame. X
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