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I have a DS who is now 8 months old and I'm struggling to know what to dress him in. He is my first baby and I want to enjoy him being a baby and not push him to grow up too fast. At the moment he's in a mixture of clothes, some baby ones - sleepsuit/hat combos and others more boyish, jeans/rugby shirts, etc. We got loads of clothes as presents when he was born so up until now I haven't had to buy much but now I do, I don't know what to get.

I love the baby stuff but is it in bad taste that I dress him this way. Recently he was in this sleepsuit/hat combo and someone commented on him being out in his pyjamas.

So please will you let me know what you think, all opinions count and I won't be offended, thanks so much xx

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  • I'm trying to think of my nephew when he was 8 months old and stayed with me for a week - and if I picture him during the day when we were out and about then if I was to dress him in the baby clothes you like I'd feel he was in his sleepwear? Having said that I think his mum often took him out and about in a sleepsuit - so it's a bit personal choice too really and either way it won't hurt him!

    I love dressing my lo up, she's only 12 weeks old now but she gets dressed every morning and sleepsuits are for bedtimes lol - I didn't plan on doing this and imagined she'd wear sleepsuits alot but we got soooo many outfits then I just had to get them worn so it became the habit every morning that I get dressed and then she does image


  • I have stopped putting lizzie is sleepsuit/hat combos now as my mum gave me the same comment about it looking like pj's!
    anyway I have found shirts and t shirts and leggings with shirts are comfy for her. she has some dresses she wears when we go out for family days out. if we are staying in the house i do just put on a nice colourful sleepsuit still but when going out i do use "proper clothes"
    i use to dress dd1 in jeans alot but i think it was because i liked them rather than her being comfy in them!
    lizzie is in shorts and t shirt today! (me,hubby and dd1 are still in night clothes tho,lol)
  • Hi lawso

    Toby is slightly younger than your son (sorry I forgot his name but I think it might be Tom??) and I generally dress him in "proper" clothes if we are going out or having visitors. If it is just me and him home all day though I often leave him in a sleepsuit as it's just so much more practical and I think they must be nice and comfy for our LOs too!

    Toby is really big for his age and looks like a little boy now rather than a baby, iykwim, so I do generally put clothes on him at other times. Nothing fancy - but like you I found people (ie MIL) starting to comment about him still being in his PJs. Also he has sooooo many cute clothes I do like dressing him up in them and showing him off image

    I say do whatever you like. They grow out of their clothes so quickly you may as well get as much wear out of those cute sleepsuits as possible! But if the comments are bothering you dress him up when you go out.

    Sorry rambling but to answer your question - def not bad taste but I guess we have to eventually accept that our wee boys are growing up image Makes me clucky for another already!!

    C image

    PS - That sleepsuit you linked to is really cute!!
  • my DS is exactly the same age as yours (8months) and i feel the same about clothes! i much prefer baby clothes and think babies that arent walking look a little rediculous in clothes that are more suitable for older children! i dress my LO in dungarees with vests underneath and also playsuits but the ones without feet (Gap do some which are brilliant and also the white company) i have bought him a pair of jeans for the autumn but they are very soft denim and i will team them with a long sleeve vest and cardigan!

    Maybe old fashioned but i like him to be comfy and after all he is 8 months not 8 years old!

  • Hi Lawso,

    I pretty much dress Thomas is normal boy clothes when we're out and about so things like tshirt and trouser sets with shoes/trainers. If we're in all day then he ust stays in sleepsuits/playsuits as they're much comfier especially when he's napping. Thomas has always looked like a boy rather than a baby as he was born with a full head of hair. People are always adding the months onto him - my neighbours mum throught he was 1 year old when he was only 6 months at the time!!! He's also on the 98th centile for his length xxx
  • Hi hun,

    I know exactly what you mean. My lo is 7 months old but is wearing sizes 12-18 months and sometimes 18-24 months. I am finding it so hard to dress him. He has such a large waist that I don't want him to wear shorts and jeans as they are not comfy and give him red marks across his belly.
    I sill dress him in nice all in ones and I also buy him comfy dungaree sets to wear. I think it is different with little girls as they can look lovely/dressy and still be comfortable.
    Also in my opinion he is still only a little baby so he should feel comfortable. I have had no comments so far, in fact, I once dressed him in jeans as a friend was coming over and when she arrived she told me to take them off him! Ha. So quite the opposite really.

    I tend to shop at the white company, Marks and Spencer's and gap! Though I find the sizes in gap small.

    We have draws full of jeans and uncomfortable clothing that people or we have bought. But they will never get used as he is already in the larger sizes and I think too young to wear them, if that makes sense?
  • Oh also Arthur used to have that suit! I loved it on him xx
  • We dress James in clothes rather than babygros, which as the others have said at some point seem to become sleepwear. Perhaps when lo's are sleeping all the time, that's why it is acceptable for them to wear them all the time. When lo's (James is 7 months) start to get their own personality, and start to look more like little boy's or girls, rather than babies, then people in general expect them to be in clothes.

    I dress James in outfits, but I choose ones that have logos or characters that I like. IMO some babygros/sleepsuits can be a bit boring looking. But I totally understand the link with keeping lo as a baby.

    It's your choice, as it's your lo. I don't suppose at 8 months babies are self aware enough to worry about what they are wearing. Have a look around or online to see if anything catches your eye. It's fun choosing them clothes, and seeing how cute they look in them! image xx
  • hey mrs reece has a lot of wee dungarees and soft denim (a lot have fleecy lining in them) during the day and wee sleepsuits at night, tbh i do it more so as well so at night he knows bath really comfy jammies = bedtime?? I just did it with my ds1 so pattern has followed - also during his naps I take his wee jeans off and put wee jammy bottoms on him as his wee tops are usually long sleeved vests of comfy t's etc, again 'telling' him comfy and cosey time to sleep, pop him in a wee growbag and put him down.

    you may actually think im nuts lol!
  • my baby is nearly 5 months and i always put her in babygros. this is because she spends most of her time in her car seat, lying in her cot, or in her pram, or on her play mat, so a babygro is more comfortable that lots of seams. i also like babies in babygros. do what you like!
  • i know what you mean. we tend to use babygros as sleepwear now but i still want soft/baby style clothes for daywear, so dress him in vests (long or short sleeve) and jogger type trousers or playsuits/rompers. I love rompers as they are still baby clothes and comfy but great for daytime use. Also love dungarees over vests; you can get soft/cotton jersey style dungarees. hth
  • Super, thanks so much for your replies, think I'll go for the more casual approach of soft dungarees or trousers/tops rather than stiff jeans/cords. I hate putting him in something that leaves a red mark and feels so uncomfortable. A happy medium me thinks xx
  • perfect ;awso me too re jeans reece has them but you can get ones that almost feel like wee jogging bottoms, gap do lovely wee dungarees that are so comfy too xx
  • mee too tink lol x
  • I'm kind of middle of the road with this.....personally I do sometimes feel they should be 'dressed' but on the other hand I don't like seeing newborns in really tight denim outfits for ds is 2 and he hardly ever wears jeans, he tends to wear tracksuit bottoms or combat trousers that have more give in them, I do like him in jeans but feel his movement must be a bit restricted as toddlers are so active! Ds wears sleepsuits sometimes but just for bed. I think an 8 month old out in a sleepsuit is fine but if they were over 1 I would think they looked like they were wearing pyjamas xx
  • i personally think 'each to their own' on this one...

    my DD is 8 weeks old and more or less always wears 'normal' clothes...we were given so many little outfits liek tops and leggings and wee dresses that i felt i had to put them on but i think she looks so cute in them i dont mind and am guilty of spending a fortune on clothes myself for her (the pinkier and girlier the better) everyone was convinces she would be a boy so i guess we all went over board lol and yes she has jeans too (althogh not really stiff jeans more liek cotton style ones and the fleecey type ones) if we are going out she will have a proper outfit on but during the day if we are staying in sometimes a romper suit and sometimes leggings and a t-shirt - she has never seemed uncomfortbale with this and i prefer it even though its a lot more hassle at times...

    she is also my first baby and while im keen to keep her a baby as long as possible - i dont spend all day in my pyjamas so why should she? Thats my personally opinion of sleepsuits which is why i dont really like them on during the day..if we arent going out anywhere then i will laze about in leggings or jogging bottoms and thats when she is in something 'less fancy' but maybe im just a 'bad' mum as she also has shoes, hats and hairbands and i think she looks just adorable and dont care what anyone else thinks and so i dont think you should let it bother you either...the outfit your son was in i would think of as pyjamas espec at his age but that doesnt mean they are,...its just the same as you thinking my LO is dressed 'too old' as i said 'each to thier own' dress him how you like him to be..

  • I agree with Lauz. To each their own.

    I had a routine that I wanted dd to wear clothes during the day and babygrows at night so she knew she had a pattern for waking and a pattern for bedtime.
    My lo was very tiny and it was a while before we could put her into an 'outfit' but once I could she was in them, the days we are not going out she wears trousers, jeans, dunagrees, leggings and when we go out it is always dresses, skirts, frilly bum tights etc....
    I love seeing her dressed in little girl clothes but I would never ever dress her in clothes that I think older children should be wearing, I probably dress her in the way I was dressed as a girl.
  • I put DD in proper clothes during the day - again I wanted part of the bedtime routine to be getting into her sleepsuit. We were given loads of lovely clothes so it would seem a shame not to wear them. Over the summer, little dresses have been much cooler than a sleepsuit anyway.

  • DS quite often wears a sleepsuit type thing out during the day, I think he looks sweet and very appropriately baby-ish, and couldn't give a monkeys whether people think I'm 'taking him out in his pyjamas'.

    I loathe denim on little babies, I just have a real thing about it, and we were lucky that nobody bought us any denim or stiff trousers for him because they might have been offended by me asking for the receipt so I could exchange it! I hate shoes on teeny babies too, it's ridiculous - why does a non-walking baby need shoes on? They can damage their tiny growing feet. I actually can't remember the last time DS even wore socks, because I hate restricting his feet if it's notg necessary for warmth. If it's chilly/breezy he wears a footed babygrow, otherwise he's gone barefoot all summer!

    He's lived in shortie rompers over the warm weather, and we've had some long sleeve/long leg but footless ones for cooler days that are cute too. The other thing he wears a lot is knitted trousers or 'longies' - we use cloth nappies and if they are knitted from pure wool and treated with lanolin, the knitted trews serve double purpose as a breathable nappy cover. He wears them with a t shirt or long sleeved top (I buy packs of plain ones in Asda vv cheaply) or if it's really hot we have little knited pants called soakers, and he wears those with a t shirt.
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