Supper after Nursery?

My DD will be starting nursery for three days a week from 1st September, two weeks before her first birthday.

Currently, she is having some induction sessions.

The mealtimes at nursery are: -

8.00am Breakfast (cereal and/or toast)
10.00am Fruit
11:30am Lunch (hot meal plus dessert)
2.00pm Fruit
3.20pm Tea (light meal such as sandwiches, crumpets, scones, beans on toast etc)

I will be picking her up at approximately 4.40pm and we will be home by about 5.20pm.

As the teatime at nursery is earlier than I would normally feed her, I will need to give her something to eat when we get in.

Please has anyone got any advice of what sort of things I should be giving her at that time? I am assuming just something light like toast and yoghurt, as she will have had her main meal plus tea, but am not sure! Plus, I am conscious of not her needing to be bathed at around 6.30pm in preparation for bed, as anything later than 7pm and she is shattered. Any experiences and words of wisdom welcomed!


Em xx


  • Hi

    Tyler is also at nursery and I pick him up ay 4.30, he has a snack at 3 in nursery of puree and a rusk sort of thing. But, by the time I get him home he is too tired to eat, I try and get a rusk with milk down him but there is no chance of getting a proper meal into him. He eats well in nursery though and eats way more than he does at home for some reason, so i'm happy that on nursery says he's having enough.

    Just see how she is when you come home, maybe offer something and see.

  • As the examples for tea that you have given seem to be quite carb heavy, what about something like soup, or scrambled egg? You can prep different batches of soup on a day off and freeze them in portions, take what you want out in the morning then all you need to do is heat it up when you get home so it should also be quick enough to keep you on schedule for bath/bed time.
  • Thank you ladies image

    Not sure why the post appeared twice, sorry!

    Em x
  • H does have a 'supper' when he gets in from nursery on because the afternoon snack would no fill him for thenight and is early so he will always get either a half size meal or fruit and yoghurt xx
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