Eating = pooping!

Hi ladies

Just wondering if anyone knows when the automatic eating = pooping stops!?

NN x


  • :lol: :lol:

    Whats she been eating to make them smell yummy!!?
  • LOL love the thought of you sitting there just sniffing away at a dirty nappy!

    Sorry, nothing useful to add, just tickled me.
  • Oh i am so not looking forward to this! :lol: I gave Emily one spoonful of carrot the other day that i had mashed (my blender broke!) and she scoffed it, but yesterday she had FOUR dirty nappies, each with carrot in it! yuck! :lol: I dread to think what she will be like with more than one spoonful! haha x
  • Niamhs nappies are rather funny and numerous at the moment! We range from runny, runny with bits and then solid after food, normally the colour of what went in her mouth lol

  • Oh my word, we've gone from 1 poo a day to 4, each smelling vile!!
    My LO loves strawberries too Sugarpuff, but I've limited her to just 2 occasions in the last 2 weeks as the nappies the following day made me gag so bad!!!
    Tuna on the other hand made her nappy smell kinda peppery - not nice, but not as unpleasant as some I've had recently?!
    Sorry NN, I can't answer your question, but you are not alone image
  • James finished his lunch, now needs a nappy change! :lol: xx
  • Oh dear I used to have a life and now I'm reading about strangers babies poo online!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • lmao dollywotsit - ds2's always smell of broccoli lol he poos about 3 - 4 times a day!!!!
  • dds nappies are DISGUSTING! i long for those lovely sweet smelling breastfeeding poos again!! LOL
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