OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHh found some wellies!!!

see link


now I phoned the girl (as I'm cheeky) and asked her where she bought the wellies and she said she got them in the Disney store in London but she has also seen them in East Kilbride (your manchester aren't you?)

Now I also rang the Disney store in Belfast to see if they were in there but they don't have them in HOWEVER she did say that they have the raincoats in and the wellies are due in either next week or the week after and they are deffo getting in Mickey Mouse wellies!!!!!!!!! She said this should be the same for all the stores ssssssssssooooooo I posted the link to let you have a nosey as I'm sure you dont want to buy them off another person as they are his 'first pair' but as you are going in October?? I think your well in time for the wellie boots to accompany his wee raincoat!!!!!

Ask you OH who is the nuts one now lol xxxxx


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