which karmel book?

hi guys
there is a lot of talk on weaning on here atm, which i am taking in avidly! grace is just 13 weeks and i am not starting yet, despite my parents trying to convince me that it is acceptable to try her with food asap - apparently i was weaned at 6 weeks - yikes!!!!!!!! (they also did honey on the dummy and a carrot to chomp on v early - yes horrors or what - i guess i am 29 though - long time ago) so what i am getting to is the fact i want to do it properly and the thought of doing things the right way fillsme with dread as there is yet again so much conflicting info - every leaflet you get seems to tell you something diff. i like the idea of finding one way and sticking to it - i am also keen to try baby led weaning, so i will be gettinng that book to read and try to convnce Hubby - he seems a bit against it atm. but i also want to be prepared for making purees etc or baby food later down the line

so - what book would you recommend? i've heard so many gd things re annabel karmel but she has so many books!! does the complete baby and toddler planner have all the same stuff in that the 100 baby purees etc has in it ??


Jane and grace xxx


  • Hi I'm using both of those books you've mentioned. The 100 baby puree's has more recipes in then the other, but there are a few different recipes in the other one. So I'd recommend getting both! x
  • hi i have 100 top baby purees but wld like to get baby and toddler planne too, but if ur thinking of baby led weaning then these may not be the way to go, as they are all purees, i didn(t do BLW but many mums on here did so hopefully someone can recommend u a good BLW book xx
  • Hi!

    We did BLW and it has worked out great for us. LO can eat really well now and loves his food! I would definitely suggest the Gill Rapley book to read if you want to try it. We have the Annabel Karmel meal planner book and I have used it quite a bit. We just didn't puree any of the recipes and there are lots of recipes you can adapt so they can feed themselves. There are loads of good recipes in there. If you want to try BLW I would suggest this one as the recipes aren't all purees. Good luck! x
  • cool thanks girls!!
    bellah thats exactly what i was thinking - if i can last out to do the BLW then i would prefer that but then i would need some ideas too - fab thankyou!!
    this weaning lark sounds tricky!!

    jane xxx
  • we're blw pippa and i like the annabel karmel finger food book, we have got the complete meal planner as well the first part of the book is irelevant but there are some good recipies further on, i got both my books for about ??5 each at asda, not sure if they still have them for that much though
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