can babies have nightmares?

The last week or so Charlie has started to wake up wimpering, it's not a cry and it's different to his tired cry or hungry cry and wondered if this could be a reason? Also tonight he was sound asleep then suddenly woke up hysterical and was inconsoleable(sp?) for a good few mins, when he was drifting off to sleep again he kept looking at me as if to check i was still there, i ended up giving him some calpol as he'd got himself into such a state. Before he went to bed tonight hubby had primeval on the tv (about dinosaurs i think) and the're were lots of flashes and bangs, i asked hubby to turn it over to something a bit calmer which he did but wondered if this might have given him nightmares, Charlie also has a cold so wondered if this may also be a reason?? I hate seeing my little munchkin so distressed:cry: xx


  • millie does this sometimes im not sure why! it could be her teeth though. im not sure if they can have nightmares? x x
  • Could be teething pain. Charlotte's been like this lately and her molars are coming thru.
  • Dont know about nightmares but give him a hug from me in case !!
  • My Lo does this too! I believe that she dreams, as she sometimes makes the funniest noises in her sleep, so I suppose babies may have nightmares too. Ahh poor LOs.
  • awww thanks camlo!xx He is teething and has a cold so i suppose all this could be a reason too just hate seeing him that upset. xx
  • Bless him! Give him another cuddle from me and Oscar!

    I'm sure that as babies do dream they must have nightmares too, but for his sake I hope it's teething as I struggle to cope with nightmares at 25, nevermind 5 months! Xxx
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