whats the gum look like when the tooth is near to coming

through?? millies been teething for ages now and for the last few days her bottles have been hit and miss when her teeth hurt as soon as the bottle touches her mouth she'll cry and will be ok once she has her teething ring will munch on it for ages. i looked at her gums and at the very back on her bottom ones they r white but surely these teeth cant come through first!, also on her bottom gum just at the side there is a red lump i was wondering if this is where a tooth will come through? if so how long could it be? ive not noticed it b4. i hope it wont be ages! as i feel so sorry for her she went mad other night trying to bite my shoulder!! she'd be fine then all of a sudden she'd try and bite, i gave her my hand and she bites down sooo hard it hurts! hope it doesnt take too long!!! shes 17 weeks xxx


  • Nathans gums were always very white at the back, I think its to do with the pressure they put on them when biting down. His 2 top teeth are about to come through and are so white that I keep thinking its the teeth. They are also quite bumpy.
    Its such a simple thing to get excited about but they look so sweet with there first few teeth!!

  • she only has one red bump rest is normal so i was thinking this might be her first tooth lets hope so!
  • It sounds a bit like it to me. Aoife had red gums for a day or so and then a distinctive white line appeared in the same spot after another day the first tooth cut through. Her second tooth followed very quickly after. It's now been about 4 weeks since she got her bottom two teeth and I think her top ones are on the way now.
  • Gabe's back gums have always been white too, but those back molars don't come through until at least 18 months. It's usually the bottom front ones they get first.
    Gabe's gums looked very white and were hard before the first tooth popped though. He didn't have any problems with the 1st but he did with the 2nd which came thru 5 days later.
  • You will see a "blister" or a pale bit on their gum. Their front bottom ones normally come thru first but all babies differ. Charlotte's bottom 2 came thru at the same time at 6 months. In the past 2 months (she's nearly 1 now) she's had 3 top ones and 2 more bottom ones come thru!!!!! And I think another top one is on it's way now as she's been crying & clingy and horrible dirty nappies. She did one at teatime and it made me feel ill whilst changing her - no joke!! Enjoy them whilst they aren't teething - lol!

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  • its like a blister but its not white although i read it may go white a few days later so i'll have to keep checking it! its not the 2 bottom ones but the one next to it. xx
  • I can clearly see both Hugos bottom teeth through the gum and can feel the tooth bumps as well. I dont think they have hatched yet though. I have to use bonjela before very boobing though, else it is 5 sucks and screaming...

    I can also see that the teeth next to the middle bottom ones are moving upwards as well, as the gum???? surface is getting wider.

    He will be full 4 months in 2 days.
  • http://photos-a.ak.fbcdn.net/photos-ak-snc1/v1931/41/111/506534770/n506534770_1085120_9837.jpg

    OK, I tried to take a photo of the gum, but failed, so it s blurry, Hugo just tries to bite me and shakes the head, lol.

    But I have photoshoped where his lil teethers are coming out, they do look like pale blisters, but they have done for a couple of weeks now, and I don't think the tooth have come through just yet :P
  • oh no millies arent white yet oh i hope its not going to be ages! she can only manage a little bit of milk sometimes but if i put gel on she sometimes will take the rest but sometimes wont!! well she is ok inbetween just bites on everything but its just feeding although its not every bottle she managesd most her bottles 2day just the one at 4pm she had a few sucks and cryed had to give her the teething ring then she was fine but wouldnt take anymore milk. she took her bottle fine b4 bed though. oh well i'll let u know if it goes white anytime soon!!!
  • Put the gel 15 mins before the feed, because it needs time to start working! If I put the gel straight before the feed it is no good for like first 10 mins of eating because it has not started working ....
  • ok thanks, i just read the lump can be on the gums for a few weeks before it comes through ahhh this is going to go on forever lol
  • The bumps are not that white! I photoshopped em! So you could see easier where! :P Hugo was moving way too much to get a clear shot, it s just all blurred out!
  • I hope her little teeth come through quickly for her!
    I would recommend Anbesol liquid rather than any gel though, it is far easier to get onto the right spot and it stays there unlike the gels which tend to roll off. If you try it on your own gums you will see that it does actually numb them!! I would advise putting some onto the red areas before feeds.
    Poppys teeth all showed as red lumps before they actually broke the surface - she started showing signs of teething at around 14 weeks I think but only got her first (bottom centre) two at 6 months and a week and they were through within days of each other.
    She is now almost 16 months ( not really a baby I know!) and has 13 teeth but another 3 on the way!!
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