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hi ladies.just interested in how you rate the vehicle you drive since u have has lil and hubby have finally had enough of our 3 door car because its such an effort to get lil one in and out also not enough space so we r looking into buying a 5 door car and would like to know what cars you have and how roomy they are!!
we are not thinking brand new,second hand price wise 5000 and under if this is possible!
we only have the one lil one at the mo but r thinking of expanding the family soon.
be grateful for any help!!


  • Hey,
    I have a little Honda Jazz. Now most people who drive these have grey curly hair but it's just the right size for me and lo. The seats in the back fold up sooooo easily so if I do big shop I can pop that next to lo and have the pushchair in the back. Easy to park and fairly cheap to run. Would totally recommend it! Even if everyone expects you to be old and doddery when you get out!! Doddery I am not! x
  • I've got a Mitsubishi L200 Warrior double cab pickup! I have horses so I need a work horse vehicle. It's great but not at all economical so although I love it I wouldn't actually recommend one!
  • Hi weve not long bought a ford focus ghia on advice of quite a few women on here.its spacious, a smooth drive andhas enough room for our bulky buggy (phil and teds sport) plus shopping

  • i drive a vauxhall astra (5 door) & like it v much. We've got a silvercross 3-in-1 travel system & it all fits very nicely.

    I also drive my mums peugeot estate which is much more roomy (& is an automatic..bliss in traffic jams)! You could def fit in buggy & quite a bit of shopping in the boot of this.

    Sarah x
  • thanx for all your help ladies my hubbies dad has a vauxhall astra 5 door n we borrowed it a few times and i must say i love it so roomy and comfy so i may be swaying in that direction!!xx
  • Our is a great car just not so practical for a family of fire as it has what they call bucket seets where the seats curve up on the bottle and around on the back.

    We have a Lexis IS20d, we got it back in September 07 and its a 07 modle so will be two years old this coming september so will be looking to replace it then
  • Hiya, we've got a ford fiesta, which is brillaint for me, and my mate and her LO as she doesn't drive. V nice as small car but will have to get something bigger when we can afford it.

    OH has got a vauxhall astra which i drive occassionally and it is one of the nicest cars to drive, but its had sooooo many problems!! wheel arches caving in, exhaust falling off, doors getting loose and clanking on the bodywork, also found that FF carseats don't fit too well in there without aq HUGE amount of hassle - tried three different ones in there. Apologies to those who love the astra! But as soon as we can we're trading ours in!

    I have driven my dad's ford estate and what a car. Fantastic. I personally would've bought a more basis one (its got more buttors that a tailors) but its a fantastic drive, has never gone wrong, its even got some whizzy ultra low profile aloys which are prone to getting dented around where we live have never had a problem in the three years he's had it. Also lots of different carseats fit in really tightly too without having to lock the seatbelt. One to look out for. xxx
  • Hi,

    If it's any help, we have a VW Passat and really chuffed with it! The boot is HUGE and it's a very comfy drive. Hubby is a bit car obsessed so we've had a few but this is by far the best for us! xx
  • hi i have a mercedes a class its a small 5 door but surprisingly roomy inside. my oh has larger car but i use mine all week with lo and is fine.
  • We have a Focus which is great to drive. Only problem is that they can sometimes have short rear seat belts which can hinder your choice of car seat. We have found the best seats to fit out Focus is the MaxiCosi. We had a Cabrio-Fix and we have just bought a Priori XP which is very easy to fit.
    I'd like our next car to have more room all over. Maybe something,like a Toyota Verso (7 seater) esp if we have another lo.
  • i don't drive but my mil takes us places and she has a vaxhall astra, and it's really good.
    the back seat can fit my daughters car seat in which is one of the big ones + me in the middle + ryan in his car seat at the other side.
    the boot is big it fits my graco travel sysyem in it plus some shopping.
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