Baby crying when feeding any advice please?

Hi just wondering if anyone's baby does this and has any advice please. I've got twins and they are 3 months old. My baby boy has just started to get very upset when feeding. I bottle feed and it can take up to half an hour for him to take the bottle. He just screams and screams and then eventually takes it. It started 2 weeks ago and sometimes he's completely fine. His sister has no problem and we are not doing anything different. My HV doesn't have any ideas. Please help - thanks


  • Could it be that you need to increase the teat size for him, if it's taking him half an hour he may be getting frustrated that he's not getting it quickly enough? Or maybe his teeth are troubling him? Have you tried some bonjela a while before his bottle? Hope things improve soon xx
  • I remember going through something very similar and we never got to the bottom of it. Teat size is always a good place to start and I'd certainly try the next size up. Also it could be wind or something troubling his tummy, so I'd try having a natural break or two when feeding, rather than waiting for him to cry (if that's even possible).

    If it persists, maybe a trip to the docs might be necessary. Sorry can't offer anymore advice xx
  • Thanks for your reply. I've moved the teat size up already but that's not the problem. It's taking him half an hour to actually latch on to the bottle. Once he's on the bottle he gets through his milk relatively quickly. It is like he forgets what to do with his tongue and mouth every feed. He's been fine taking the bottle for two and half months. I just don't understand what's happened???
  • If you're worried about him, I would take him to the gp. It may well be nothing, but discussing it with your doctor, and having him checked over wouldn't do any harm, especially if he's taking less milk xx
  • I'm going to say something really stupid now (please don't take it the wrong way!!!)...but, is he actually properly hungry???

    *ducks to avoid flying objects*

    I only say this because Sara did this for a while, I changed teat size etc etc but then realised that she wasn't really that hungry. She was hungry enough to take half her feed then would cry and I'd have to wait ages before she'd take the rest.

    Really hope you don't think I'm being patronising!

    Liz x
  • We had this, for a little while and used to get him to suck on his dummy then really quickly swap over to the bottle to get him to suck on the teat. Our little one just stopped this the older he got.
  • Thanks for the replies. It could be he that he's not hungry as I've got twins and unfortunately they have to be fed at the same time or I would go insane and never get anything done. However, when he's the one that screams for food, we still have problems. I just hope he will grow out of it soon :\?
  • How is he after the feed? Does the screaming continue or is he ok? (im just thinking about silent refulx as my dd use to do the same although i would expect this to happen sooner than 3 months) xx
  • I went through this and my HV said it was tummy ache (colic basically). I thought it wasn't as it started at 11 weeks and he stretched his legs out rather than drawing them up. I was wrong as apparently they can sometimes stretch legs out instead. He soon got over it but to help I winded him BEFORE feeding as they take in wind when crying etc and also massaged his tummy in a clockwise direction when he started screaming. It seemed to help a little.
  • He is taking infant gaviscon as he has reflux and used to bring up his feed but luckily the gaviscon is working so he doesn't really do that anymore. He's fine after his feed. This morning my mother in law couldn't get him to take the bottle whilst I fed my little girl. However, once i had finished her feed, I tried him and he took it after about five more minutes on screaming. It's not really crying as there are no tears, just a very loud noise and a red face baby! He was completely fine once he had latched on and took the whole bottle. It is so frustrating as I have no idea why he's started doing this :\?
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