Bottles - discolouration?

Hi all

We have been using TT CTN bottles for the last two months or so. We only need 2 bottles a day and I have 4 bottles so each one gets put through the dishwasher and then sterilised (in a TT microwave steriliser) only once every 2 days.

In the last couple of days I have noticed that the bottles seem to have taken on a slightly brown colour - has anyone experienced this? Do you think it is the dishwasher or the steriliser? I wouldn't have expected to see discolouration this quickly image

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  • Mine did this with the steriliser. Since getting new ones that we no longer need to sterilise it hasnt happened with them. I would imagine the dishwasher may do the same since it gets really hot in there too but Ive never put mine in there.
  • I did a topic about this a couple of months ago. I can't remember the jist of the replies, other than someone suggesting to bleach them I think. I've always hand washed, then sterilised bottles. So must be a general thing with TT. xx
  • Thanks mithical, I just read your other thread image

    Looks like my only option is to replace and go back to handwashing - I know yours did it too even though you handwash but maybe they won't discolour so quickly if I don't use the dishwasher.

    C image
  • its the steriliser hun, mine kept doing it and in the end i swapped to cold water sterilising and since then i haven't had a single dingy bottle (it also acts as a bleach so should remove and discolouration from the ones you have) x
  • ooh good tip charlm!!! Thanks!
  • Think this is done and dusted now but just to add the BPA free ones discolour in the dishwasher, but the older ones (sort of harder, less opaque plastic) don't seem to.
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