Anyone using Aptimil Comfort (for colic and constipation)


We've just started our 4 week old on Aptimil Comfort, he's a bg lad (11lb) so was taking roughly 4oz 8 times a day before we switched to giving him 5 oz and trying to feed him less often.
However he's developed colic and gets constipated ever few days, so we were advised to try this comfort milk, which is thicker and fills baby out for longer, but also means we can tackle to colic and constipation.
However we've found that he's being quite sick on it, the sick is milky but he can bring up about half a feed on some occasions, anyone else experienced this?
Other occasions he'll take a whole bottle and want more and not throw anything back, anyone got any advice or ideas on why this seems to be happening or have similar experience.

any hints of tips?



  • I've not used the Aptamil Comfort, but we do use Cow & Gate Comfort, and haven't really found any problems with it. Have you increased the teat size to account for the thicker milk?

    Could it just be his little tum getting used to the different milk? It's quite common for babies to sick up after bottles, our lo did at times & was an awful lot too. If he seems fine in himself, I would persevere & see how he is. If you're worried, chat with your HV or GP. Sorry I'm not much use, didn't want to r&r. xx Just to add, have you been warned to expect green, explosive pooh too? This is common, apparently, due to the stuff to help with constipation xx
  • Hi,

    Thanks for the reassurance, my sister uses cow and gate and she mentioned it took a while for baby to adjust and for it to start working.
    The teats have been replaced for faster flow ones t help, and we changed little mans bum a few hours a ago and i noticed the colour change, but then out came the mr whippy poop, which he happily pushed out for a good 10 minutes!!!
    Baby is happy in himself but we've become a little wary of his feed sizes, as we were advised 5oz for hi size, but alot of that was coming back, so we've changed to 4oz, but again thats come back up so i think your right its just getting used to it! and he's hungry after 4 oz so we need to up it again!

    C x
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