who's still online then and why...?

I'm up because I was working tonight and now the baking baby seems to have decided that the minute i get home its time to beat mummy up from the inside. Bubs was quiet all night, but work was v busy. Took over 5k in 4 hours, all this xmas spending people are doing image

I also got my wages today sorted properly, ish. I was underpaid as i was told my hols covered when ollie was ill, but then was told they didnt so left it up to the managers to sort out - the boss got involved (the owner boss) and he sorted it out saying the managers had buggered up and i hadn't accrued the hols yet (due to probation period) but it would be sorted......
Well, now they've only gone and paid me about ??70 too much! :lol: image
So i'm half unsure as to tell them or not (owner rang tonight to let me know it had been paid in and mentioned the figure he'd paid me, but i was swamped with customers so couldnt really talk.....) as i know i dont like the idea of having money i havent earnt, but i dont know if there is a reason he has over paid me.... (am putting it into the saving acc tomoz so should it need to be given back its there to do so, as really dont like it when things like this happen! )

So anyway, I've come down stairs and put the laptop on because i'm worried about waking OH when he has to be up for work at 4am tomoz, and i cant get comfy at all! :lol: (I will have to be up with ollie at about 5.30 but i can always try to get a nap when he does, which is proving to get easier the more exhausted i get image )
I've also treated myself to a glass of wine ( image ) and hopefully i can settle down properly soon image

anyone else still up??? image



  • ME!!!! my baking baby has decided to have a party and i think he's invited all his friends over, and there raving away!!! i think he may have ordered take out too- as i'm suffering with heart burn.

    I'm currently fighting of the urge to open the huge box of roses that are sat under my christmas tree...... i think this is a fight i will just have to lose!

    Gem xxx


  • oooooh, open them ;\)

    Ollie was bad at night during preg, but this lil lass is even worse..... :lol:

    take out and heartburn are not good.. :\(

    hope you can get some sleep soon.... hope the roses help image ;\)
  • i'm resisting so far...... ok, ok i give in Roses here i come- they better be roses now- they could be heroes though- there all wrapped up!!
  • Ooo me!

    My OH has just finished 6 days 12 hours shifts so its like our sat night but in doors! drinking wine eating chocolate and about to go to bed * ahem* lol but not to sleep! what a lucky girl i am! lol x
  • p.s can i have a purple and a toffee.. & oh would like a strawberry & a green triangle if thats not to greedy two eact lol xxx :lol: x
  • out of the whole box there is only 1 purple!!! i'm disgusted at that if i'm honest..... btw i've not eaten the whole box, i tipped them out all over the floor and was like a starved animal searching for the purple nutty one
  • :lol: you can have the purple and i'll have an extra toffee instead love thats awful!! lol feel like buying you some and sending them to you cause your so hard done by in that box! :lol: x
  • i bet some freak at the gadbury factory is pocketing all the purple ones.... and doing things they shouldn't be with them!

  • noooooooooooooo!
    Stealing all the purple ones!?! They must be punished.
    I'll stick to my ginger biccies at the moment, have a bit of a thing for them... :roll:

    OH always get a big tin or quality street, he prefers the toffee ones, and proceeds to eat most of them himself.... image (well, apart from the many toffee ones i liberate ;\) )

  • OMG!!!!! i've just found a giant quality street carmel cup in my bag. i so wish i would have found that last night!!!
  • jealous! Me... :lol:

    I managed to get a couple of hours before Ollie woke up... :roll:

    am gonna have to go eat my caramel choccy now... :lol:

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