Losing Voice ? ?

Hi all

For the past week Jacob who's 4 and 1/2 months has started to sound like he's lost his voice! Instead of doing his sweet baby cooing he sounds like some sort of creature out of a horror movie.

His voice is all husky and it's really annoying me now. He doesn't appear to be unwell and is eating as he normally would. He makes these sounds all the time and then occassionally a normal coo will crop up in between. He still cries noisily!

Has anyone elses LO made these sorts of sounds? May possibly take him to the docs although he seems ok. Jus worried his vocal chords are having problems. :\?

Julie x

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  • how old is he? Louise is 18 weeks and has started making some noises that sound like they should be hurting her throat. I thought it was her exploring her voice!
  • He's 18 weeks tomoz. I did wonder if it was just a new sound he'd discovered. I hope so.
  • Beth is 15 weeks and she's just started making some real screamy/screechy sounds, at first I thought she was really upset. But she does it when there's nothing wrong, so i think it is just her way of exploring her voice and trying new sounds. Not pleasant to listen to though!
  • Gabe is 6 months and he makes all sorts of strange noises! Sometimes he makes throaty noises, that are a bit like roaring, is the only way I can describe it, also about a month ago he started making a high pitched "Tarzan" noise VERY loudly and sometimes he does this all day!

    I think he is probably just finding his voice! x
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