did anyone else spend ages choosing a changing bag, then...

just use the free one from boots! thats all i use now. my hubby doesnt like to carry my pink radley one about when we go out, so we started using the boots one when i was likely to be carrying baby. but now it's just easier to use one.

or is it just me that wastes money like this. (we also have 3 prams!) :roll:


  • no your not, i have a mammas & pappas one that matches my pram but its a bit big so we just use the boots one too lol!!!
  • hmmmm....i have two travel systems, a stroller, and am looking for another uggy at the min lol i also have 3 changing bags, 4 travel cots, 3 high chairs, about 90 billion blankets, 56! onesies (in the 3-6 size, she's still in tiny baby at 6.5 months!). oh and i also have 3 different sun parasols/canopies so i have a choice lol

    i also have a mac from new look in a colour to match every single pram i have.......

    so no you're not! haha
  • lol mummy and emmy lee that made me chuckle!!! x
  • what ccan i say...i like buying baby things lol
  • thats extreme!
  • i know...ask any of the girls in born in jan...i have a serious shopping problem! lol
  • Oh my I thought I was bad. Calleigh how do you fit nappies in the boots one? With all the other associated c++p there's hardly any room left in mine. Am on my second change bag but only as first broke. I feel all restrained now, must reward myself with new shiny things.....
  • i have a drawstring bag from jd sports for dirty nappies. the boots bag fits 2 in. i leave another in the car. i also carry a few disposables just in case.
  • I actually really like my bag...it's a caboodles one from kiddicare image
  • urgh i hated my caboodles, i palmed it off on my mum, as i do with most things when i get bored/buy pretty new things instead lol
  • is it just me that puts a few nappies,pack of wipes and few bags ion my handbag and im good to go!?
  • ....I'm an easy oasie kinda gal though. Few nappies, lots of food, bottle of water and tub of powder, change of his clothes and a change for me just incase. Changing mat and wipes and nappy sacks. Muslin and bib. Hat. Suncream. Extra pair of socks. Calpol and medicne spoon. Bonjella.

    Then I carry a small satchel type bag that has my cards and phone and makeup in it lol

    wow that's a lot of flippin stuff!

    Oh..and antiseptic gel and sudocrem
  • I missed out on the boots one. I got the M&P luna one when I bought their travel system. Both have now gone bag wasn't big enough (or stylish) luna travel system wasn't for me. I bought a Cath Kidston bag and a Quinney Buzz 3.
    Happy Days

    Kelly (I have a shopping addiction)
  • princess whats the tub of powder?
  • Wannababy I do the same as you!
  • With both my kiddies i ended up doing the same as wannababy but only really took out the essentials, didn't need bottles etc as bfing.

    Really quite sad though, the other day I found a nappy pin in my handbag! Don't know where it came from, my LO been out of nappies for three years and I didn't even have that handbag then! :lol:

    This time I'll only be using the boots one
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