Nasty colds :-(

Hi girls,
my LO is just over 3months and is already
on her 2nd cold..she's really snuffly and has
a little cough..
I've got all the bits for her: assiprator,nasal
spray,calpol,room drops to try and help..but
is there anything else you suggest?

I am wondering if there are any vitamins I
can give her to prevent these colds? She is
on aptimil now after BF for just under 3mths.
I know their formula has quite alot in..but just
wondered IF there was anything else?

Also, cot wedges? Anyone suggest a cheap
place to buy these?? She defo needs her head
raised when she's got this image


  • hi hun. my LO was born in the middle of all the horrendous jan snow so she's had a fair few colds by now (at 8 months). we find putting a drop of olbas oil in her bath helps keep her chest clear. i'm pretty sure you can use it from 3 months onwards, but read the box because there are different kinds and one of them can't go into water but the rest can xx
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