I am nigella!

Hello ladies! im shattered! ive just spent the last three hours in the kitchen purreeing veg ect....ive made so far

sweet potatoe
pea and parsnip
spinage, sweet potatoe and butter nut squash ( funny mix i know bt had to se it up)
pork and apple

tomorrow is
mango chicken
baby bolognese
purreed pears

what does everyone think? i got some of those anabel karmel cube trays they seem good. does anyone else have them? xxxxx


  • Wow! You are really organised! I've got a cube tray thing for the freezer but I make so much puree at a time that it all gets filled up with the same stuff! And I can't give LO the same stuff every day so I usually make fresh lunch and dinner every morning which takes loads of time and washing up! Think I'll have to get more organized...

    Mango chicken sounds lovely! image Hope LO enjoys xxx
  • Well done you!

    I did this mammoth cooking/blending thing one afternoon then when I gave lo her tea that evening, she was sick everywhere and brought everything back up that she'd eaten - felt so unappreciated!!

    It is good for them tho, I do batches and freeze them, but still have some decent ready made's on standby.

  • hey anantoriac! im really not that organised its taken me ages to get the momentum up to do it. the mango chicken and appke and pork was an idea from crilly. xxx
  • im gona make friday night cooking night, as only have a smallish freezer so cant really stock pile it but i bought 3 boxes of the trays with 2 in a box so thats 6 trays.! they are really funky.xxx
  • OMG you are all soooo domesticated lol How do ya make mango chicken??
  • Sunnymum - where did you get your AB food trays from as I want some. I've heard Boots sell them. 2 trays for ??6?
  • morning ccbmommy! yeah got mine from boots 2 for ??6. they are really nice. hollys mummy- you just steam/stew the mango, cook the chicken then blend it down th a purree. sorry to steal your recipe crilly just sounded so cook for him and different.xxx
  • i used to use them trays till brooke started having bigger portions then they wud only last 5 mins!! i do bulk cooking too! so much easier done cod with spinich in cheese sauce and butternut squash rissotto the other night..i just measure out a portion in her bowl and put it in freezer bags now then they can just get binned.. i ended up buying a small freezer for my shed coz my ff has only got a small frezer comapartment.. then filled it with all brookes dinners.. the mango chicken sounds lush.. think i will try that.. xxx
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