Who hates Christmas?

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Don't get me wrong, I am really excited about Gabe's first Christmas and eating his 1st christmas dinner, playing with the boxes etc, lol.

But otherwise - argh! - I'm so sick of it. I hate christmas shopping especially for my dad and stepmum who refuse to tell me what they want ("Surprise me" argh) but hate everything I buy - can't win! I hate all the signs in the shops and the adverts on telly. I have no money and yet everything seems to be geared towards spend, spend, spend! I never buy presents for anyone that isn't close friend or family and everyone thinks I'm a scrooge but why should I spend the little money I've got on someone I barely know just because "its christmas"?!?
Also people often buy me bath stuff or make up when I dont have baths and hardly ever wear make up, arrrgh. I know its the thought that counts but they might as well have given me the ??2 it cost and then I could spend it on chocolate image
We're going shopping this weekend & I'm dreading it - I just never know what to get anyone!

Sorry if I sound really ungrateful, I'm not honest....just fed up of the pressure to spend money we dont have! Christmas used to be a happy family time but now it's just a huge commercial thing where you splash cash & accumulate junk you'll never use!!!

Rant over :lol:


  • I know how you feel. I dont hate christmas but to be honest could do without it. Im totally skint so having to buy pressies is such a chore! luckily ive got them all now apart from 1 left to get but i havent gone overboard. Jayden has half a dozen pressies but apart from him ive only bought for close family and only 1 pressie per person because why should u feel pressurised into spending money you dont have!!

    On a happy note, I do love the "buzz" of crimbo, the lights and happy spirits thats about as far as it goes lol
  • My mum feels like that, it has rubbed off on me a bit, but my dh and is family love christmas. I know they will spoil us and Louise, and i'm having a hard time getting my dh to not spend much on them as we can't afford it!
  • Have to agree. I feel like it can be one huge stress and now with a lo it's even more hassle. Like the idea, sentiment and can't wait to see Alfie's face with all the lights and his Santa hat etc but wish it could be a bit more low key or not so commercial if that makes sense. We really haven't enough money to buy everyone something but if we don't it'll cause big problems. Roll on 2009!
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