tiger balm or any other suggestions safe during pregnancy??

hi ladies i wonder if anyone can help me? im coming up to 15 weeks pregnant and have started with an achy back already which i also had in my last pregnancy with grace.I know u can take paracetamol in pregnancy but its every evening its sore so i dnt wanna take it that often.Just wondered if anyone knows if tiger balm is ok to use during pregnancy or if not does anyone know of anything else?? thank u xx


  • Yes tiger balm is safe in pregnancy
    I use it often and specifically asked my doctor if it was ok in pregnancy - used it a fair bit when pregnant with cole (little monster was back to back and i had bad backache) and he's absolutely fine

    also, i hired a tens machine and found that helped a bit with back ache - although i'm not sure if you aren't meant to use them before a certain time.. I was 8 months pregnant when i hired and used mine

  • Sort of changing the subject......what is tiger balm exactly? I've heard lots of good things about it. Is it some sort of deep heat rub?? Where can you get it from?
    Thanks xx
  • Its kinda like deep heat but not as strong and its all some kind of herbal stuff. Its about ??5 for a tiny tub but it lasts ages and you can get it from boots and other chemists. Don't get the red one though - it stains, get the white one!!

    I use it for back ache, neck ache, shoulder ache etc etc and I do find it helps - especially to leave on overnight.

    definately not as strong smelling as deep heat stuff, and safe to use around hubby who disagrees with the smell of deep heat.

    Oh..here..wikipedia knows all!
  • thanx kia for your replies il get my self a little pot and give it a go! iv googled it but some sites say its safe and others say it not lol xxx
  • thanks kia xx
  • ccbmommy-i saw them using it on gary barlows back when he was climbing mt kilimonjaro(sp?) for comic relief and noticed it was herbal thats y i started lookin into it for my back when its aching!! xxx
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