Travelling abroad with baby-posative experience.


I have just returned from 2 weeks in Spain with my family (kids are 6,4 and 5months) and I was very nervous before going.

I just wanted to reassure anyone is about to go this summer that it CAN be a posative experience!!! Reuben was fantastic!! He slept LOADS which was great coz I was able to sunbathe lol. I actually feel that our hol has established a routine for us as before we went Reuben only cat napped during the day and had no particular times for doing so and while away he got himself into a routine of napping from 10 till about 12 and again in the afternoon from about four till 6.

Just be well prepared for the journey with all the essentials as well as a few wee rattly toys etc. aLSO i FOUND A GREAT CO. FROM A LOCAL NEWSPAPER THAT HIRED OUT BABY GOODS SO i WAS ABLE TO GET A BABY WALKER FOR 12 DAYS FOR 17 EUROS- which turned out to be a godsend!!

Now I'm back and already looking at flights to go again lol


  • Wow thanks for this. Gabe is 5 weeks and we are going abroad to Malta in october for 2 weeks when he will be almost 5 months, so good to know it went OK. What did you do about feeding? x
  • Tiger Lily he is GORGEOUS and what a lovely name- is it short for Gabriel???

    Anyway to answer your question!! I bottle feed so I just took in my hand luggage 3 bottles (I knew I wouldn't need them all but better to have extra than not enuf) and a tin of powder.

    I did have to taste the water and the powder at security. When I was in Spain I bought a flask and its the best thing I have ever bought. I use it during the day at home as well as being really handy at night. If you boil the water and let it cool for about 10 mins before putting it in the flask it should be cool enough by the time he needs it.

    I found travelling with him really easy tbh but he is generally quite a good baby anyway. If you have any other travel/flying q's feel free to ask coz I know how stressed I was before going!!
  • Thanks! Yes, it is short for Gabriel...

    I imagine you were stressed what with 2 children as well!

    Im bottlefeeding as well so its good to know you can carry the formula even if you do have to taste it (I tried it once and was disgusting!)

    I am dreading what we're going to do about bottles as in the apartments we'll be staying in (not our choice - we're going for a wedding) don't have tea making facilities or a microwave. Im thinking of just taking a small tupperware box for 2 or 3 bottles and milton tablets.

    I hope they will provide us with at least a kettle to boil the water as its gonna be a nightmare!!

    Are you weaning Reuben? If so what did you feed him...I'm thinking of taking packet mixes of food as it's light. I'm presuming Gabe will be weaning by then as he's a big boy at 11lb 9 and very hungry!
  • Thanks for the positive story! We're going to Mexico in 8 weeks and Poppy will be 11 months by then. She too is a very easy going baby so I'm not too worried about it but it's nice to hear that it can be easy!!
    Glad you had a good time.
  • So glad I found this post! I am off to South America at the beginning of August to get married - will be there for about 6 weeks. I have been panicking so much about how Alex will cope with the flight - it's quite a slog. From Heathrow to Paris, Paris to Brazil and Brazil to Bolivia (where OH is from) It'll take about 25 hours in total. Really not looking forward to it as Alex will only be 5 months old... Any suggestions about what I can do if she kicks off on the flight?xx
  • helloooooo there jetsetters!!
    fortunately having kids did not slow us down with the travelling either! we took our first to California when he was 9 months old - a lot of walking round the plane, different little toys (mcdonald type ones are good - they're light, small etc so you can pack loads) & books. as they have always slept for part of the trip, we have always been really lucky!
    like you, KThom122, we went away at easter with the kids 6, 3 & 5 months, and had no probs at all with the flight etc.

    Go for it...!!!
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