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I am looking for a generalised routine for my 8 week old daughter. Can anyone share theirs with me please?
I am not really aware of how much sleep they need. How long they should be awake for, etc.


  • JJ will be 9 weeks on wed and at the moment his day starts at around 5.30am, he has a 6-7oz bottle and then sleeps til 8.30am, i get him dressed and then he pretty much is awake all day, just has little naps between feeds, he has a feed every 3 hours, usually takes 6-7oz but i always only give him half a bottle with his 5.30pm feed in preparation for his bath and so he can have an earlier feed before bed (he's fine with the half bottle tho - i'm not starving him :lol: )...has a bath at 7pm, bottle at 7.30 and then goes to bed at 8...usually takes an hour or 2 to get off to sleep and then sleeps til 5-5.30am...obv this hardly ever goes exactly to plan but the general idea is there! x
  • Hi thanks for all your replies.
    Generally Macey will be awake at 7 so i give her a bottle, she usually takes between 3-4 ozs at each feed.
    She is awake until about 8.30 and will then sleep in her pram as i have to walk my little boy to school.
    After that the whole day depends on her! If we are in the house she tends not to sleep as much but when out and about she will sleep for hours.

    During the day if your baby is alseep when she is due for her feed do you wake her up to give it to her?

    I think thats where i might be going wrong, i will just let her sleep and then feed her once she starts crying for it. Sometimes she will go 5 hours in between, especially if we are out and about.
    I am worried that if i wake her up to give her a bottle she wont have it and just end up crying because i have disturbed her,

    Also can you let me know what dreamfeeding is?
  • i've never had this problem cuz JJ always wakes every 3 hours during the day for his feed, as long as she's getting enough milk (babies are very sleepy when they're not getting enough milk) and is gaining weight then just let her sleep cuz she'll cry for it when she wants it x
  • Thanks for the replies
    today i have tried to stick to the same time and feed her at certain times, she had a bottle at 10.30am (3ozs) and then i woke her at 1.30 ready to give her a bottle at 2 o clock, she would only have 2 ozs. She is just waking up so im nopt sure now whether she is hungry or to try and hold her out until 17.00pm.
    The times i was going to try and stick to are 7am, 10.30, 14.00, 17.00, bath and then another bottle at 7pm before going to bed and then wake at 10.30 for her last feed.

    How long would you try and persever for until giving up? If i persevere and keep feeding at these times do you think she will eventually realise and take the whole bottle?
  • omg Mrsjbourne, Harry has almost exactly the same routine as your JJ! I never really tried to force one on him as am mainly breastfeeding on demand but this seems to be what he has naturally fallen into. Saying that he slept 8-7 last night and I nearly died when I woke up I thought my boobs were gonna explode!

    How strange to think someone else is doing the same thing as me somewhere every day!
  • My lo is 18 weeks and we still dont have a set routine!

    We start the day and end the day in the same way with a morning routine of awake, nappy change, play, feed, sit in bouncy chair where she poo's, change nappy, nap, top and tail and dressed.
    Bedtime is, bath, feed and bed.

    personally I think you've got to do what works well for you and your baby and makes you both happy! If you want her to get in a routine then persist and you should get her to settle but it could take some hard work. If you dont mind going with the flow then do that, you could always feed her more in the evening if you don't think she's taken enough during the day.

    Dreamfeeding - I take my lo out of her cot and feed her when I go to bed - this gives her a top up so that she doesn't wake too soon after i've gone to sleep! Some people leave lo in thier cot and use a bottle to feed them while they're still laying asleep in their cot.
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