Tummy Rash

Riley has a rash on his stomach. I noticed it this morning and I've just strpped him and its still there. I don't know if its heat rash or not. I can only see it on his stomach and there are bumpy bits as well. I wouldn't of thought he'd have had heat rash this morning though as he only slept in his nappy and a light sleeping bag :\? x


  • Have you done the glass test? Abby had a rash on her tummy the other day, i didnt think it could be a heat rash as it hasn't been great weather in the highlands lately, but it's gone now so can't think what else it may have been.
  • Yer well I've pulled the skin taut and it goes. I'll just have to keep an eye on it and keep him cool x
  • How weird Lily has the same sort of rash atm all on her tummy. It hasn't gone for about 4 days now. At first I thought it was heat rash as she sweats alot when she is asleep but now I'm not so sure.Was going to see if it goes over the weekend if not might make an appointment at docs.She doesn't seem bothered by it tho.xx
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