one thing after another?

i seem to be posting a lot on here recently!
my LO has been quite unwell with tonsillitus but seems to be on the mend and doesnt seem to be in pain anymore which is the main thing. He also has his appetite back although a little fussier than he used to be with food but eating most things! the problem now is he is SO whingey!
He is nearly 9months and has no patience at all so learning to crawl is stuck in limbo! he gets on his knees and launches forwards, he is happy to do this 2 or 3 times so moves a little way forwards but then just cries and whinges until i pick him up or he rolls himself over!
He just seems to have changed character since being unwell! he is worse if he can see me, if i am out of the room he doesnt winge but if i even put my head round the corner to check on him he will start grunting and making the most annoying noise! i know he is frustrated from not yet being completely on the move but i am not sure how to tackle the whinging and whining!!! he seems to get bored easily and a change of scenery works for a time but he used to be so content to play with toys and now nothing seems to make him his normal happy chirpy self!

is this a normal phase or do you think there is still something wrong with him? maybe still feeling under the weather?

any experiences would be greatfully received!


  • he has probably been 'mothered' a lot when unwell as is only natural to do so has become used to this, a few times when my ds1 was sick i would let him sleep in with us and then once better he was having none of his own room and had to be 'trained' to sleep on his own again - I'm assuming this is a similar thing xx

    i would try gradual leave for a minute let him play but when you come back in may be dont poke your head in and go again come in and stay for a wee while even if he is distracted so if he looks up you are there so he knows you are about - it could also be this combined with his age too and the separation anxuety xx
  • thanks moonbeam for your reply! i think some of it might be separation anxiety and the other bit is him venting his frustration at mummy!! i took him out in the pram earlier and for the first time faced it outwards so he could have more of a look around, he was having a lovely time chatting away to everyone and when i leaned over to check him he started doing the grunting thing! so in the end i just kept pushing and let him smile and chat to everyone else!

    kids eh!!!
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