What do you all look like?

Just for fun (and to be nosey!), I'll go first....

5'8", size 14-16, average hooters, small waist, fat arse (think Tranny and Spanner call me a 'skittle'), ok face, big lips and big cow eyes with long eyelashes, long brown hair with a trendy full fringe that my hairdresser seems to like but i don't and ugly huuuge feet that would make great grape crushers image


  • Im 5'3" and a size 8, boobs like bee stings (miss the breastfeeding cause I had a lovely cleavage!) Green eyes, not sure what my real hair colour is cause its been dyed for so long. Nice long lashes too and my DS also has them, lucky wee man.
  • Hi Hunny.

    I' 5. 8. tiny boobies, small waist, no arse, Face, small lips, small eys, lickle nose, sholdoer brown hair with layers, size 6 skinny feet. Little pished right now. first time ina long while so if my spelling is bad i do apologise x x x x x
  • I'm 5ft 6in, size 14 (top)-16 (bottom) a typical pear shape and 3 stone heavier than I'd like to be! Small boobs and my waist is back at last. Blue eyes, brown hair thats always straightened and size 5 feet.x
  • I'm 5ft 6in, size 14 (top)-16 (bottom) a typical pear shape and 3 stone heavier than I'd like to be! Small boobs and my waist is back at last. Blue eyes, brown hair thats always straightened and size 5 feet.x
  • LOL mummyheather. Enjoy your night.
  • im 5,6 size 14 (was a size 8/10 b4 kids arrrggghhh)i have long blonde hair,really long eye lashes both of my lo have them too its probley better if u go on face book and have a look so if u have it my name is lauren stoker
  • Have you got a hangover mummyheather? I had an absolute stinker last week so my sympathies and a big hug if you do!
  • A lot softer round the middle than I used too!!! LOL. Am 5'7" size 8-10, back into pre-pregnancy size 8 jeans but there are bits escaping that never used to be there! Still got just over 1/2 stone to go til I feel a bit happier with wt - but still breastfeeding. Got shortish brown hair, blue eyes, boobs are still much bigger due to feeding, and size 6/7feet. Just feel that I need to get a bit fitter and more toned like I used to be, but just don't have time.

  • 5'5, 10stone, size 10-12, wobbly hips and belly still although slim looking, stretched all over, average c cups (although not as pert as b4 baby!) long very blonde hair (natural-nobody ever beleives me!), blue eyes, dont look so long now they've got fatter legs and size 5 feet. i dont know what shape i am at the moment-any ideas from description?
    Before baby was lucky b***h and never appreciated it till was all gone, naturally toned, slim size 8 with 30D pert boobs and long slim legs....my body really payed a high price for my baby!
  • Hi,

    I am 5'2" and size 16, usually a 12 so still a way to go with baby weight. I have brown eyes and short spiked brown hair. I am told I have very small features-small hands, small lips, small face but big eyes. I have bigger knockers than usual at the mo but those will go with weight.
  • I'm 6ft, size 14, blue eyes, long dark brown hair, big boobs (wish they were smaller), tummy's not as toned as it used to be, size 7 feet, hate my legs!!

  • Im 5'3, size 8, blue eyes and brown hair. No boobs at all lol. Never had and they got smaller since I had the baby haha.
  • I'm 24yrs old, 5'6, size 14 (16 in some shops but refuse to buy! lol) Average size chest, although they do resemble Spaniels ears now after bf my lo! Hazel coloured eyes, full lips, shoulder length brown hair, with highlights (come to think of it, need my roots doing!), J-lo butt, size 7 feet, hate my feet they look like my dads!

    I'm on FB if anyone wants to add me, probably best if you type in my email to find me as there are quite a few ppl with my name [email protected]
  • Hi god i can relate with the no boobs!where the hell are they???lol had none b4 baby but now they are officially dead,sob sob...anyway have big eyes,brown/blonde hair that looks a mess without straightners,5ft 5in,size 10 but now with a wobbly belly(lol)slim legs with knobbly knees and ive been told ive got a nice ass(im just bragging well everything else has been shot to pieces so gotta really lol)im 30 and ppl are always saying i look about 22 which can be both good and bad!hope all well and im sure we are all bloody beautiful hehe x
  • Im 24 [almost 25!!!] and i have red hair down below my shoulders thats very curly but i tend to keep it straight. Ive dark brown eyes and an average face.
    My boobs are huge and still intact as i couldnt BF. my arse is huge and so is the rest of me, still not managed to loose my 3 stone baby weight! LOL
    Im also on facebook if you guys want to add me
    Diane Gillespie. x [the only one on there]
  • I'm 34 size 16ish (on a good day) 5 foot 8 massive tits and big arse. Long brown hair and a big fringe too. I'm also on facebook if you want to be scared shitless I'm claire louise cavaliere.
  • I'm 26 (well I turn 27 on Mon). 5'2" and size 10 but pear-shaped. Possibly the shortest legs ever known to mankind. Size 3 feet. Miss my 34dd bf boobs cos now back down to a distinctly average b-cup. I have mid-brown hair cut into a bob and green-hazel eyes.
  • i'm 5"3, pretty petit, size 8-10, 32DD boobs which sounds lovely and they would be IF they were in the right place rather than a couple of miles south. LOL. big round booty haha, brown hair (A symetric bob) size 5 feet and erm... big big green eyes!
  • I'm 5ft 7in size 10-12 big bum little boobs now lo has finished with them, pale ginger hair blue eyes bit bloodshot today owing to night out with the girls last night leading to hangover today. ohhh how attractive do i sound?
  • 5ft6, size 14-16 normally, size 18 in some tops due to my inflated F cup knockers which I hate! Im not even breastfeeding! Used to be size 10-12 pre-baby so got a way to go yet! Big green eyes with massive lashes, big lips, dyed black hair with big fringe, trendy cut! Stretchmarks and wobbly bits where there shudn't be any. On facebook I'm Nicola Phillips, [email protected]
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